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Duotone Grom Search UK - #teamtalk

Posted: Tue Sep 03, 2019 1:27 pm
by Toby
Duotone International UK riders Aaron Hadlow, Tom Court and Lewis Crathern got together with the UK distributor Emma, to develop on the Grom Search idea that we started earlier in the year out in Brazil and continue the legacy of the Young Blood Camp that we ran over a decade ago. To give the best up and coming youth riders a chance to meet their idols, learn from the best and have a fun based day learning from the pro's both on and off the water. Starting with class room talks about topic spanning from safety, history, weather forecasting, progression and competition strategy it was a complete day.

With all the parents also in attendance it was a multi-purpose get together that also helped the parents to watch their kids learn and get on the water with them in the afternoon. Followed by a BBQ layed on be Duotone UK and the Hunstanton Sailing Club... it was a full day of learning!

To find out more head over to the Duotone Blog: ... t-us/news/