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Biggest kiteboard jump ever in Giant Nazare (POV)

Posted: Wed Dec 04, 2019 2:32 pm
by Toby
At November 14th of this year , after a call to Sergio Cosme ( jetski driver/bigwave surfer ), I decided to check Nazaré . Windguru forecast was 26 to 34 knots swell 6.8 metres period 15 sec that means up to 15metres / 50´ waves in Praia do Norte . When I arrive wind was blowing in a reasonable average constant way and I made another call to Sergio to confirm safety procedures and to go out into totally madness. i texted Tim Bonython to let him also know about my irrational decision :) At this time I understood that wind was variable from 25 to 45 knots with strange rainy clouds so i pumped an 8m2 Eleveight Kites to survive all type of conditions . I set up my kite in Praia do Norte only 1km from the Lighthouse that end up to be a mistake. Going inside the water the rip current was so strong that i couldn´t upwind. My mind was saying `Fxxx this Shxx , lets go home! ´ . But i didn´t wanted to give up and I decided to go further up in the beach and make one more try. At that moment wind increased and i felt with the same power as this storm. Felling totally recharged i went again jumping over the shorebreak ,the inside waves and saw an opening between the 3rd and 2nd pick and went full power to the outside meeting Sergio on the lineup. After a quick hello hang five to Sergio went to the inside of the Canyon spot and wait for the first set (mountain of water) to use as a kicker and go high... very high...very very high... the rest you can imagine from this gopro video .