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How to pop kiteboarding - Unhooked

Posted: Tue Jan 07, 2020 1:19 pm
by Toby
Welcome to our latest playlist. The unhooking fundamentals. With freestyle kiteboarding being so advanced these days it can be overwhelming. Strangely, unhooked riding has a weird reputation. You see it all over in the magazines and in pro rider videos yet, on the local beach it has become far less common.

Often people are worried that it's too intense or dangerous. In truth unhooking is one of the most fun aspects of kiteboarding. If you learn to do it right, it's actually easy and just as safe as hooked in riding.

Most often the biggest fear comes from catching an edge and hard impacts. If you take time to practice the fundamentals and don't ride over powered you'll be surprised how fast you progress and how much fun it can be.

To kick off this new playlist we're going to start with the most important move in hooked in or unhooked kiteboarding. The pop. The goal of this video is to break it down into easy to practice steps so you can work your way up and establish good habits in your riding early. So whether you're a rank beginner or an intermediate kiteboarder, give this guide a look over and see how you can improve your pop.