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Easy 360 Hand Drag Transition

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Easy 360 Hand Drag Transition

Postby Toby » Tue Jan 28, 2020 9:08 pm

Easy 360 hand drag - Kiteboarding transition
Today we are going to go over how to do a 360 hand drag transition without a kiteloop. This is another fun and easy one that doesn't take much risk. A 360 spin is a back roll without any inversion. Dragging your hand through the water gives you more of a carving turn, whereas if you're standing tall it's more of a spin.

Step 1: Remove front hand
You'll want to take off your front hand so that you can drag it through the water and use it for balance as you spin around. As you get more comfortable with this trick you can work your way up to backroll hand drags and the next video in this series, a back roll kiteloop transition.

This is a simple step but it will set up the entire trick. It will also make everything moving forward much easier

Step 2: Carve upwind and twist

Body and board movement
Build up speed and, when you are ready, start carving into the wind while twisting and looking over your front shoulder. Try to stay on the water and keep your weight slightly back but still over and in control of the board. Carving into the wind and around your bar will spin you into a 360 and lead you in the other direction just like a back roll transition. As you carve into the wind, send the kite up to the zenith to lift you up as you make the spin around.

Kite Movement.
As you start carving into the wind, you begin sending the kite up. Make sure it does not reach the apex until the next step. You will be holding your body up with your edge and this upward moment.

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