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The Raley kiteboarding / Kitesurfing - Ultimate Beginners Guide

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The Raley kiteboarding / Kitesurfing - Ultimate Beginners Guide

Postby Toby » Mon Feb 03, 2020 10:43 pm

In this video we'll cover:
- Overview of the trick.
- Body positioning
- Variations
- Common mistakes.

Come in with decent speed. Keep your kite parked between 10 or 11 and 1 or 2. Ride towards the kite to take off some line tension and unhook. Now, lean back and start edging upwind. It’s important to bring a lot of speed into this trick and pay attention to the pressure building up in your lines. You can control how much pressure by how hard you edge against the kite.
Roll your shoulders back and keep your hips up. The faster you go and the further back you load, the higher your Raley is going to be. The trick to loading is getting a ton of pressure into your lines and releasing it quickly with a scoop.
When loading, roll your shoulders back and keep your chest and hips up facing the sky. Don’t squat. Lean back like you are on the back two legs of a chair. Keep your arms in close almost like you never unhooked. Keep your hips locked, dig in your heels and treat your body as a unit taking in all the energy.
A quick powerful snap is better than a long leaned back pop. If you lean too far, you’ll choke out the kite as well. The trick is doing all of this in a fast fluid movement. You can not hesitate. If you are struggling here, you can work on your timing with the drills I covered in our poping video.
As you carve away, The kite will rip you off the water. Let the kite pull you forward. It helps to pull down on your front hand as you...

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