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Trying to land my Jumps with Down Loops (Again)

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Kiteboarding Uruguay
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Trying to land my Jumps with Down Loops (Again)

Postby Kiteboarding Uruguay » Sun Apr 25, 2021 3:33 am

Hello again Forum friends,

Firstly, thanks to everyone that watched my last video on this subject. Especially those of you who set me straight and told me that what I was doing was not a down loop landing. :D :D :D

In this video I took onboard all of the advice that I was given here, as well as in the comments on YouTube, and made some reasonable sized steps forward in terms of perfecting the art of a downloop landing.

Also, of course, there were some mistakes on the way as well.

Please check out the video and, if you feel inclined, leave me more advice around how I can reduce the risk by landing these bad-boys more consistently!!

Thanks in advance,


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