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The Duotone Wing

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Re: The Duotone Wing

Postby cglazier » Fri May 29, 2020 8:54 pm

I am looking forward to trying the new Duotone wing called the Unit. Getting rid of the boom has advantages. Here is what they say:

A lightweight and simple wing that packs down small, making it perfect for riders who travel and value a straightforward, very stable setup with incredible drifting abilities!
The Unit is a wing that is perfect for waves, downwind and freeride. The team worked hard to create a shape that
is incredibly stable when totally depowered, as when you’re using a wave’s energy and the wing is just flagging behind. One key element is maximum performance and smooth handling, even in strong and gusty conditions.
When depowered, the lightweight construction guarantees a smooth drift, making surfing swell or waves so incredibly easy and comfortable. During floating before take-off, the Unit delivers plenty of power to get you up
on the foil fast. The amazing maneuverability makes jibes, freestyle and cruising in waves absolutely effortless.
An ergonomically shaped strut improves the overall handling and the EVA covered handles offer the best grip and comfort you could possibly wish for. The stiff leading edge, with both a firm Dacron material and an optimized diameter, is the best solution for optimum performance. Due to the clean, tight canopy with great trailing edge/leech tension, the Unit is a really solid construction with lots of power and stability.
The whole setup is designed for super easy rigging: just inflate and go, that’s it. It also packs down small and is perfect for taking on adventures. Don’t let the simplicity fool you though, the performance will impress. Whether you are wave riding, cruising downwind, or just starting your wing journey, the Unit has you covered. Balanced, easy to use, fast to set up and suitable for a wide range of disciplines the Unit is the wing to choose if you want the performance in a small package.
duotone-unit (Small).jpg
duotone-unit (Small).jpg (55.6 KiB) Viewed 515 times
95463328_687684525126153_3112588076954161259_n (Small).jpg
95463328_687684525126153_3112588076954161259_n (Small).jpg (40.37 KiB) Viewed 515 times
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Re: The Duotone Wing

Postby slowboat » Fri May 29, 2020 9:06 pm

My guess is it will perform a lot like the F1 Wing

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Re: The Duotone Wing

Postby Toby » Fri Jun 05, 2020 11:01 am

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Re: The Duotone Wing

Postby dangavere » Fri Jul 10, 2020 3:40 am

The DT Unit has officially been released in North America and will be available very soon at authorized dealers. We will get over 150 of them and start to deliver them by the end of next week. I am excited to have a new wing dedicated to downwind and wave riding and something that will pack up very small for travel. I am going to venture out and claim that it will be the top of its class in the Inflatable center strut category be we will see, and I am sure by next month there will be plenty of reviews by riders who have been using other inflatable wings extensively so they can let us know what they think once they have a little time to check them out. :thumb:

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