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Airush wind wing review

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Airush wind wing review

Postby slingshotucf » Thu Jun 18, 2020 4:58 pm

Got on the 6 meter airush wing a few days ago. Very fun wing. Here's my random notes on it. A bit over done on the handles and the windows are big but I never use them. You need to know how to do origami to get it back in the bag, so I put it in a solo 15.5 bag. The lift is more in the tail of the wing so it floats well but if in a wave and the wing is low, the tail will drop down. This lift in the tail allows for more up wind ability and pushes you into foil easily.
Wing tips don't touch water. I even tried to catch water and it's hard to which makes doing 360's difficult. Leash is long with swivel.
Easy to flip over from a wing tip but, doesn't flip over on its own. I think I didn't have to flip it over the whole time I was on it.
More rear hand pressure than the F1, longer reach if wanted
Not as good for tacks cause you need to keep speed in the foil and the wing isn't keeping lift, also goes for 360's as the tips are hard to catch water. Really good up wind.
For my style I rank the F1 as the best for me but I really like what the airush offers and it would be my #2 choice. I ordered a 4,5, and 7, I really think my students will benefit from this wing. I think if you like the naish S25 or the WASP, you're going to love this wing. I hope they make a windowless version in the future. Also the valve doesn't let you know how much pressure is in the wing.

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Re: Airush wind wing review

Postby pitbulldoug » Wed Jul 01, 2020 5:34 am

Just recieved my SB airush 7m last week and am really stoked on it’s performance, as to be honest when I unpacked it and pumped it up when I recieved it I was blown away how big it was LE and strut and was wondering how the heck I’d be able to wrestle this beast even being a big guy it’s a big wing! I’ve been riding Naish S25 6m and the SB being just a meter over seems waay bigger and seriously was wondering if I pissed my money away before using it.Well 2 solid sessions in am now really impressed with it blows the doors off my S25 6m in low end rightfully so but handles really well for a grande wing rode in a hi 18 mph yesterday AM flying around then picked up to a high gust to 30 and was handling no problem with my weight eventually went down to my 6m but the SB 7m has some range for a big guy! handles are nice and very rarely catch a tip,riding with harness is nice too,as said in previous post bag is definitely bit on small side but same with Naish and like to find a accurate way to check 4psi pressure as one way valve is hard or impossible to get good low pressure 4psi reading, so you got to kinda wing it on a finger plinking but pretty good at that after 15 plus years kiting.really excellent wing for us larger riders, makes me want to try the 6m SB now,another interesting thing was it’s weight was fairly close to my 6m,been flying Naish kites since I began and never thought I’d have a airush in the stable but they hit the mark pretty well on a V1 wing bravo!time will tell on its build quality but just a fun big wing really impressed.
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