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hybrid high wind wing and kite board

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hybrid high wind wing and kite board

Postby BOEMIX » Tue Oct 20, 2020 7:17 pm

Hi everyone! Anybody tried this way? cause I'm a watersports hoarder (kiteboarder, windsurfer, super and now wingsurfer!) and I would get a high wind wingboard that would also serve me as a kitefoil board, just to cut a bit in the carried toys in the van.

I have a ketos foil+board right now that is brilliant for kitefoiling but a no go as a wingboard, even when I'm a proficient windsurfer used to small boards. It just not have enough volume to get me up and going.

So what's your opinion? would a board like that work in both sports or just dreaming?

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Re: hybrid high wind wing and kite board

Postby Janus » Tue Oct 20, 2020 8:50 pm

You know that Ketos is working on a wingfoil?
Don’t know if they’ll do a board too..

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Re: hybrid high wind wing and kite board

Postby borist » Wed Oct 21, 2020 6:05 am

It will depend on your weight and on how big of the board you are willing to use for kitefoiling. Just an example:
Kitefoiling board: https://equipment.robertoriccidesigns.c ... lphin-y25/

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Re: hybrid high wind wing and kite board

Postby Peter_Frank » Wed Oct 21, 2020 12:21 pm

Definitely possible, but of course a compromise.

A foilwing sized say 1500 to 1600 cm2 (for average weights) works fine for both kite-surf-foil and wingfoil when a bit experience.

As most drop from the big 1800-2000 cm2 foilwings down to smaller foilwings, unless in marginal winds.

And many use 1000 to 1600 cm2 foilwings for kitefoil in waves or freeride fun.

The compromise will be your kitefoil board will be a lot bigger than needed.

This is not that bad though, as I assume you will wingfoil when windy, according to your post, and kitefoil when lower winds.

Here a bigger board makes sense anyways, in terms of paddling ashore if wind dies, and you can also start in a bit less wind, and get through mega lulls without getting off the board.

A bigger board is not heavier, it can be made lighter in fact, if one wants that, as it is thicker.

So the "feel" of a bigger board when not heavy winds, can be really "light and effortless", and feel like no swing weight, if superlight.
But catch the edges somewhat, if carving hard or waves.

If you want the board a bit more bomb proof for wingfoil in higher winds, then you will have a board which feels heavier than a kitefoilboard when carving, yes, compared to our usual small boards.

But definitely doable - only you can find out when you have tried it.

Of course, a "normal" big wingfoil board and foilwing, can also be used with a kite, but I think, having tried it myself, it feels way off, too big a wing and too big a board.

I dont want such a small wingfoil board and compromise myself, so I have to go with different boards for wingfoil and kitefoil.

8) Peter

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Re: hybrid high wind wing and kite board

Postby OzBungy » Sun Oct 25, 2020 3:49 am

Some of the dedicated wing surf boards are getting down around 45 litres. My older kite foil board is 155cm and 40 litres. I have visions of being able to water start that in some seriously strong winds. The extra length and nose lift should help get the board out of the water with a little wing power.

Yesterday's wing session on the crossover SUP foil board was up to 30-35 knots at with a 5m then 4m wing. It was all quite manageable provided I kept the wing low and balanced. Things got interesting if I let the wing drift above my head. The up lift was quite considerable. All manageable, but I felt like one of those inflatable wavy arm things at times.

Prior to getting wing gear I tried a SUP foil with a kite, and kite foil board with wing sized foils. Both were doable, and fun because it was so absurd. Imagine kite foiling while walking around on a double bed, or doing a water start and having an oversized foil rear up on the tail. Neither was really practical. Optimum sized gear for the purpose is always best.

Even kite surfing with a 1500cm foil and 4m kite was less fun than a normal 800cm surf foil.

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Re: hybrid high wind wing and kite board

Postby Eltreato » Tue Oct 27, 2020 6:55 pm

I've heard of people strapping bodyboards on to their kitefoil boards and getting away with them as a low-volume wing setup.

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