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Wingfoil versus Kitefoil?

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Wingfoil versus Kitefoil?

Postby Peter_Frank » Thu Nov 19, 2020 10:04 pm

Of course there wont be (m)any hitting the "New" choice, as they are not present on this forum.

And there are MANY new wingfoilers, who havent done any other wind board watersports.

Which is the most fun kite or wingfoil - makes no sense for me to judge, it is ALL fun, and feel good both/all of them, but hugely different in many ways, ALSO the good feel :thumb:

There are some differences for me, here the positives of both as they are for me:

Wingfoil is more physical, for your arms and upper body, a plus, and still not so much that you get tired fast.
Wingfoil is better and safer in shitty wind say a bit offshore (or a lot).
Wingfoil is far better in some spots like harbours or similar, where you dont have access or room to launch a kite, or where too risky because of masts.
Wingfoil is, for most, learning something fun and new, always good.
Wingfoil is not as risky if the wind suddenly goes nuclear, or you make a mistake.
Wingfoil can give you a very free powerless great feel when surfing a wave.


Kitefoil only takes up a fraction of the space in your car, lighter and smaller, if walking to a spot, as no pump needed.
Kitefoil is way faster and easier to rig and get out fast, beats wingfoil by miles, also a tad faster setting down and packing.
Kitefoil is easier and faster to get out through the whitewater in waves, and if needed you can start faster between two waves.
Kitefoil is a lot more agile and low drag and you can turn tight and lively on waves.
Kitefoil let you pack your kite dry, as opposed to wing which is wet when you pack, and if you use several wing sizes, they all end up wet in the car.
Kitefoil can ride foiling in a lot bigger windrange downwards - you can still start if the wind drops, unlike on a wingfoil where there is an absolute individual lower limit, where you are parked for good if no gust.

8) Peter
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Re: Wingfoil versus Kitefoil?

Postby Slappysan » Thu Nov 19, 2020 11:58 pm

A few you missed:

Wingfoil is better for really bad wind (inland lakes)

Kitefoil allows for the tiniest of boards, weighing in at under 3 kg.
Kitefoil allows for bigger wind ranges without re-rigging
Kitefoil allows for much better jumping
Kitefoil allows for much better "touring" due to speed and upwind ability
Kitefoil is cheaper (if you don't need lessons)
Kitefoil is less boring in flat water
Kitefoil has less chance of breaking gear
Kitefoil has less chance of minor injury (kite pulls you away from foil on falls, smaller+lighter board)
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Re: Wingfoil versus Kitefoil?

Postby Slappysan » Fri Nov 20, 2020 12:01 am

double post, where is the delete button?

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Re: Wingfoil versus Kitefoil?

Postby matth » Fri Nov 20, 2020 12:13 am

Nice list guys... No one mentioned light wind. From what I hear kites win that catagory.

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Re: Wingfoil versus Kitefoil?

Postby Flyboy » Fri Nov 20, 2020 12:42 am

It's pretty much exactly the same pros & cons as kiting vs windsurfing.

At my local spot there are a group of windsurfers, all whom have taken up wind foiling in the last couple of years. Foils have lowered the wind requirement for windsurfing & makes it unnecessary to have large boards/booms masts/sails. However, in light winds I'm always going faster & more consistently than the windfoilers. The local wingfoilers are not at the level of the windfoilers yet (or me kite foiling, for that matter), so it's a bit hard to judge ... but it's pretty clear that they require more wind, are up on foil less consistently ... & unquestionably it looks more goofy than windfoiling or kite foiling.

In the right conditions - which are the wrong conditions for kiting - wing foiling clearly has some definite advantages, as cited by Peter. It seems to me that foiling specific kites - like Clouds or Peak4s bring kite foiling closer to some of the pros of wing foiling.

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Re: Wingfoil versus Kitefoil?

Postby juandesooka » Fri Nov 20, 2020 1:19 am

I agree with all of Peter's and Slappy's points.

I see winging as having two main markets: 1) wind newbs, who are happy to lawn mow even if it is slower and lamer, because they don't need lessons and it's very safe
2) sup/surf foilers, for whom the wing is a tool to take the experience they already have up to new levels.
Maybe a 3rd group are the dabblers, kiters and windsurfers that are kinda bored and want to try something different, and maybe they end up back with kiting or ws after the novelty wears off.

I got into winging thinking it was a light wind option but I'd kite when the wind is strong. Lately I am finding the opposite. Light wind it's more fun to kite foil (or to surf foil if there's waves). Turns out high winds are super fun for the wing ... and safety factors into that. When it's 40kt+ I am never comfortable kiting, even with a small kite, as locally when it's 40 it may at any moment become 50 and dangerous. So I spend these session worrying and anxious; "survival kiting" limits the fun for me. I winged one of those days last weekend, and when the squall came, I saw all the 5m kites upwind landing in a hurry. One buddy on a 4m got stuck in it, getting teabagged, and I landed him way downwind, where I was riding without concern ... it was challenging but there was no underlying fear. Later on that afternoon I kited in crazy up and down gusty 5m wind, getting my arms ripped out of their sockets, and my session ended with the kite hindenburging in swirling wind, then relaunching with a back-yoinking surge, then repeated a few ended all fine, but a bit of s**tshow, just another typical winter kiting day, with a swim and gear untangling. Anyways, a bit of epiphany after: the winging was a lot more fun. Finally, sad to say, but that very experienced Toronto kiter getting killed in a squall only reinforces that.

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Re: Wingfoil versus Kitefoil?

Postby phlow » Fri Nov 20, 2020 1:27 am

Peter -

I love both and always will but if you live in a lighter wind area kitefoiling will save your stoke more often than not.

I'm new to winging, so jonesing for it hard but the last couple of sessions I spent a lot of time getting ready to wing but not having much success due to site specific reasons:

My main local launch is a great kiting / twin tipping area. Very shallow for up to 500m away from shore. It's a perfect lesson area, and I've learned how to foil there because I can get up in maybe .75meter of water with a 101 mast with a kite because I'm up on foil on moses 633 halfway through the initial kite dive. But with a wing that does not work. So I end up hiking out a long way to get to the deep water channel. The last two days, the wind died to un-wingable conditions (For me) during that hike, ha ha. So I saved my vibe with a great session on a 12m kite and foil. So maybe the added differential point is "Necessary to have deep water due to the inability to body drag with a wing" or something similar.

My comment on relative efficiency of packdown / rig up is that winging is quicker / easier, but I'm assuming your original point is kiting on foil kites vs LEI. I am surprised how long it takes to pump up a 6m F-One swing with those large leading edge and boom strut.

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Re: Wingfoil versus Kitefoil?

Postby bigtone667 » Fri Nov 20, 2020 3:26 am

From the beginning of the year, I have recorded about 120 sessions:
33 kite foil sessions for 375km
87 wing sessions for 1639km

Most of those kite foil sessions have been 10/12 knots or less (Winging is just too much hard work in low winds, whereas kite foil is still fun).

I personally am finding kiting more limiting waiting for a kite to transition from one side of the window to the other. So if there is wind, winging wins hands down simply because everything feels immediate to me.

I still like both!!!
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Re: Wingfoil versus Kitefoil?

Postby OzBungy » Fri Nov 20, 2020 3:39 am

My perception is almost the reverse of these posts.

I generally find kite foiling extremely safe. The gear is so tolerant and versatile that I can handle pretty much anything that happens. I use a single 850cm foil in 10-50 knots. A 4m kite can go in 20 knots but is docile enough in 50. I have had several sessions where TT and surf riders are getting teabagged and I am riding around happily enjoying the waves.

The real benefit is that everything is mostly removed from you. The kite is 25m away. The board and foil are tiny and light and held in place with foot straps. In a crash the kite generally pulls you away from the foil. In a total emergency you can release the kite.

A wing board is big and heavy and the foils are huge. In a crash you are in the middle of everything. Having 10-15kg of wing board trying to kill you is scary. Even more scary is watching your board and foil tumble off downwind in strong winds. Heaven help anybody that gets in the way.

I have done numerous self rescues with a kite and various boards including a foil. It's easy and quite fun. You can go a little bit upwind with everything set up right.

Yesterday the wind dropped just a tiny bit. Just enough to stop me pumping my wing board up onto the foil. I paddled in 700m and still had 700-800m to go. I could not sail on the surface because I would have ended up km downwind and have to avoid a yacht breakwater. Fortunately a gust came and I was able to foil and ride in. That's happened a few times winging. I think once have I had to swim a kite in 20 years.
Screen Shot 2020-11-20 at 1.43.39 pm.jpg
Fun conditions on a foil with a 4m kite
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Re: Wingfoil versus Kitefoil?

Postby norcom » Fri Nov 20, 2020 3:51 am

I picked up a Cabrinha X2 5m recently. Already had the M200/M280/GL240 GoFoil wings and the Outwitt 100L board. So I figured why not? The first thing I realized about wingdinging is that it's just like windsurfing. It's an eternal struggle for wind! There's never enough wind! And once it gets past the 14mph where it becomes easy to get up, I could be having WAY more fun with the Peak4 4m/5m. The wing feels so much more cumbersome than the Peaks. Yet, I don't know why but I keep doing it. I guess it's a change of pace and I'm definitely not in the mood to rig a WINDfoil. That's the one thing easier, not having to haul and rig a sail. I would have thought this would be picked up by windsurfers faster than kiters but I guess since kiters already had the pumps it was just natural? :lol:
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