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Build plan!

Forum for wing surfers
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DIY CAD ultra-concave wave twintips 1500 and 130mm with my own fin designs. Easy upwind, awesome carving. Switch Nitro 10m V7, Naish 5.3m Wing. Now focussing on Wingsurfing to rise to a new challenge. Building my own foils from my CAD design and 3D prints, built a CNC machine last year and now cutting designs with CNC as well as 3D printing.
Up to 3 DIY foil designs built and getting the hang of wingsurf foiling as we switch into 2021.
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Re: Build plan!

Postby fluidity » Tue Mar 30, 2021 7:07 am

Peter_Frank wrote:
Mon Mar 29, 2021 6:27 pm
I can ride my 5 from 13-14 knots, 78 kg and need some wind, maybe lack of talent.
Others can go in 12 knots, but I cant.
Upper limit is not present, but of course you want a smaller when you can, so I take my 4 m2 from around 18 knots.
8) Peter
Peter, it might not be you. Try a quick wing swap with one of the others, more thickness in the profile, fatter tubes in the front make for more power. Smik and Ensis for example are quite grunty. V2 (S25) Naish has a thinner profile, handles stronger wind for it's size but less power too.

Small but with thicker profile makes for a more compact easier to handle wing but taken to it's extreme- lots of starting power, poor max speed.

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Re: Build plan!

Postby Peter_Frank » Tue Mar 30, 2021 7:44 pm

True, and I know that.

Ensis and the first F-Ones has loads of low end power for their size.

But I dont mind, love my Echo's, and they got amazing range.

Still, technique means a lot too so you can really move boarders doing it "good" :D

8) Peter

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