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Wingfoilboard mast track positions

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Re: Wingfoilboard mast track positions

Postby joekitetime » Wed May 19, 2021 6:20 pm

Hi Peter-

Sounds good. I went through all the wing boards and now I'm back on my old kiteboards. Riding a 30 liter Temavento. I put the mast track all the way back and matter of fact my feet line up exactly over over the holes for straps if I were to start using them, which I haven't.

I also ride all the fone phantom and mirage foils, and have never had to adjust my foot position or mast position for the fone line. Great foils. Easy peasy.


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Re: Wingfoilboard mast track positions

Postby borist » Wed May 19, 2021 8:12 pm

I ride Fanatic 5-0 with Armstrong foil (1850). Using Quick Flight mounting plate I was able to mount the mast about 1" forward of the tracks. Even though the footstraps are in the rear position I still feel that I need more forward foil position. I like solid front foot pressure when kitefoiling but can't achieve this with my wing setup. It doesn't bother me that much while riding in straight line, but I feel it would help my foot switches and turns. Played with stab size and it's AA but didn't make enough difference. The fuse is 60cm which might be a bit short

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