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GWA Wingfoil World Cup Morocco 2021 Day 4 - Race Discipline

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GWA Wingfoil World Cup Morocco 2021 Day 4 - Race Discipline

Postby Toby » Sat Nov 06, 2021 3:52 pm

Day 4 of the GWA Wingfoil World Cup in Dakhla was all about the racing action, with solid 20-25 knot wind conditions, the riders were fully focused on speed and control during each race. We successfully completed 3 full Eliminations for the men, and 6 Eliminations for the women.

The Men’s Eliminations

The men were divided into two semi-final heats, with the top 5 of each race advancing to the final for each elimination. The riders were on 4-5 metre wings, and the conditions were optimal as the wind gradually increased throughout the afternoon.

Elimination 1

The 1st elimination final saw Titouan Galea get off to a flying start, followed by Italian waterman Francesco Cappuzzo. Titouan managed to secure a safe distance from the rest of the pack, and he held onto the lead right until the finish line. Francesco meanwhile had to battle with his teammate Camille Bouyer who didn’t give him a second to relax, but he managed to stay ahead of Bouyer, and Francesco raced through the finish line in 2nd position, with Camille Bouyer in 3rd followed by Mathis Ghio in 4th position.

Elimination 2

No one could match Titouan’s speed for the final of Elimination 2, as he shot through the course like lightning. The remainder of the pack fought amongst themselves for 2nd place, and it was Hugo Marin followed through, followed by Francesco Cappuzzo in 3rd.

Elimination 3

The wind was still pumping as the afternoon progressed, and the men had to focus even harder as the course was changed slightly for the final heats of the day.

There was a general recall for the start of this race, as several riders went over early. Fabian Muhmenthaler, Aidan Nicholas and Hugo Marin were all disqualified from the final. The start was repeated, and whilst it looked as though Titouan Galea was heading for another amazing start, it was Mathis Ghio who stormed to the front of the pack with determination, leaving Titouan trailing behind him, unable to overtake him. Francesco Cappuzzo managed to overtake Titouan on the inside at the 4th mark, but Titouan regained his spot before the finish line. It was 19 year old Mathis who claimed the final win of the day, followed by Titouan in 2nd, and Francesco in 3rd.

“I’m really happy to win this race today, the conditions are really good,” said Mathis. “Tomorrow will be even better as we move to the lagoon side, where for sure we will see some really good racing.”

The current standings for the men are:

1st Titouan Galea
2nd Francesco Cappuzzo
3rd Mathis Ghio
4th Malo Guenole

There were 6 full eliminations completed for the women this afternoon in Dakhla, meaning the already have one discard. It was a long and exhausting afternoon of racing, taking full advantage of the optimal racing conditions.

Elimination 1

Fiona Wylde blasted her way through the start of the first women’s race today, followed by Bowien van der Linden and Paula Novtona, but she lost her pace on the 2nd mark, and Bowien seized the opportunity to over take her. She maintained her lead and finished the 1st elimination in 1st place, followed by Fiona who made a quick recovery. Paula passed through in 3rd, Orane Cerise in 4th and Marcela Witt 5th.

Elimination 2

Bowien van der Linden and Fiona Wylde had a tight race for the second elimination, and were neck and neck until the final mark, where Fiona made her move and advanced into the lead. She finished 1st, followed by Bowien, Orane, Paula, and Marcella.

Elimination 3

Fiona Wylde one again managed to nail an impressive start and maintain her lead throughout the race. Paula Novotna was hot on her heels in 2nd position, but went down just as she was about to cross the finish line. Bowien van der Linden snapped up the 2nd spot, followed by Orane Ceris, and Marcela Witt.

Elimination 4

Fiona was unstoppable as she shot through the start, and held on to her lead throughout Elimination 4. Bowien van der Linden gave her a good run for her money, and was close behind her as they passed through the finish line. Fiona claimed another 1st, Bowien 2nd, Paula 3rd and Orane in 4th. Marcella finished 5th after going down at the first mark.

Elimination 5

Bowien van der Linden was determined to get a lead for Elimination 5, and pushed Fiona Wylde right to the limit on the final pump section of the race. She claimed the victory, leaving Fiona to settle for 2nd place. Orane Ceris claimed her 3rd spot, followed by Paula Novotna and Marcela Witt.

Elimination 6

Fiona once again had an impressive start, showing that she has them well and truly dialled in, but she lost her lead to Bowien van der Linden on the upwind reach with Bowien snapping up the lead and claiming her third win of the day. Fiona regained her ground and came in 2nd, followed Marcela Witt in 3rd, Paula Novotna in 4th and Orane Ceris in 5th.

The current standings for the women are:

1st Bowien van der Linden
2nd Fiona Wylde
3rd Orane Ceris
4th Paula Novotna

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