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Posted: Sun Jan 13, 2008 5:11 pm
by Toby Banners

The banners will randomly rotate between the advertisers. This way the banners of all companies will be shown the same amount of times per month. And you can have different banners with its own link rotating on your rented space. We guarantee a minimum of 40.000 views monthly.
All banners have to be .jpg, .png or .gif files. They can be animated as you like it, but please at least 2 seconds per frame. We strongly suggest to not have more than 3 slides for the animation.
Each position has a limit of 10 advertisers.
Long term agreements up to 12 month are possible.
Monthly stats with views, clicks and click-through-rate can be provided on demand or automatically send for a certain period.

TOP Banner:
The Top Banner will be shown on the top of on all pages.
Size: 728x90 pixel, Format: JPG, PNG or animated GIF.
Prize per month: 300 Euro

BOTTOM Banner:
The Bottom Banner is shown in the center on the home and on the bottom of all pages.
Size: 730x180 pixel, Format: JPG, PNG or animated GIF.
Prize per month: 150 Euro

Special Offers Forum
The commercial forum is a great place to shout out your commercial info.
For free usage. News:
The news and stories will be posted in the main forums. We will add a link into our news system on the home, which links to the topic in the forums. This way people can also comment and discuss about it and the attention will be much higher. The news and stories from all advertisers will be uploaded and linked to the news system for free.

Please contact us for further details.

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