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How To: Water Start

Posted: Tue Dec 29, 2015 3:54 pm
by Toby
Water Start

Laying in the water, with the kite in the zenith and getting ready to get onto the board and ride.

How To

1. Steer the kite straight above you and keep it there
2. Control the kite with one hand and take the other hand to hold the board to get into the straps (having a center handle on the board is very helpful)
3. Make sure the kite stays above you and you don't steer it to any side
4. Once in the straps, position yourself that the wind comes exactly from behind
5. Use one hand to paddle into the correct position
6. Then put both hands onto the bar
7. Steer the kite a little bit behind the middle, to the opposite site of where you want to ride to
8. Steer the kite forward, so it flies down towards the water
9. The lighter the wind the further down to the water you have to fly it to
10. Make sure your legs are bend and the board sticks out of the water
11. Once the kite starts to pull press with your legs against the board
12. Pull on the bar and yourself up onto the board and stand up
13. Put more weight onto the back foot and straighten the front leg
14. Look to your kite and make sure it does not drop into the water, therefore steer it up again
15. Don't fly it behind the zenith, always keep it on the forward side of your body