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Marketplace (Second Hand) FAQ (How To)

Posted: Thu Mar 10, 2016 6:15 pm
by Toby
FAQ: How to use the Marketplace (Second Hand)

The new Marketplace section replaced the former Second Hand Session on Kiteforum.

While you can also post in the Second Hand forum, it is highly recommended to list your item on the Marketplace.

An important feature for all listings on the marketplace is the location tool.
Simply added, it will help to show your listing on maps and show near locations around other users.

A very interesting possibility is, that with adding the location to it, we can now show your listing on the Spots database.

If you want to see which gear, job, real estate etc is around a specific spot, go to the spot via the Spots tool and here find the tab Marketplace. We will show all listed items and its distance in the area close by.

This is interesting for users who are traveling and want to sell their gear at a certain location, so they don't need to take it back home, or want to keep traveling without gear.

On the other side it is great for users to see if someone sells their gear at their location, specially if they live in an area where gear is very expensive (e.g. Brazil).

If the price is right, you rather want to sell your gear and buy new gear at home, while others buy your used gear cheaper than they would buy in in their country.

Also great if you travel to a place and don't want to bring a can look if a local sells a surfboard at that location. Then you can list it again for sale before you leave.

Here a list of all FAQs for the marketplace. If you have any further questions let me know!

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