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Silke Gorldt Foundation

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Postby Admin » Sat Oct 05, 2002 2:58 pm

Hello Kitefriends, Windsurfer, Snowboarder, Wake- and Skateboarder,

We would like to give you herewith some information about the Silke Gorldt Foundation.

At the beginning there have been Petra Goeschl (Pro Kiterin), Peter Sterling (photographer), Uwe Schröder (promoter FD-Tour), Walter Gorldt (Silke's father) and Achim Gorldt (Silke's brother) setting up a foundation which should above all keep alive Silke's friendly and helpful character.

This foundation is not made for the financial enrichment of any person.

All your donations will be spend for the fields mentioned below.

The idea and purpose of this foundation is to do something good in solidarity. (Therefore we would like to thank all who have already donated).

In order to answer your most frequent question of how the donated money is spend, we would like to tell you a story:

Imagine you are a young couple flying to Mauritius for honeymoon. The man is an ambitious and good windsurfer, but one day on the water the wind suddenly stopped and he is lying together with another kiter in front of the Riff of One Eye, waiting for the lifeboat to catch him and the other. But the lifeboat can only find the kiter, the windsurfer is gone.

On the beach his young wife is waiting.

Unfortunately this is a true story and the young woman gets the first part of your donated money.

Other parts of the money will be given to charitable institutions (such as Red Cross and others).

The last part will be spend for preventive measures in the Kitesport.

We do not want to dish you out, but want to encourage everybody, who has found his fun on the water or in the snow, to do something good for the team spirit of your sport.
This is also what Silke has represented. RESPECT for all.

It does not matter how much you spend, because it is more important to be with someone and not to let him feel alone after a terrible event has happened.

Back to the official part and to your questions.
Who is doing what?

The foundation is about to being set up. That means the certification will be given after the building up of the statutes. We will keep you informed on this.

You can reach us by e-mail:

Name: Silke Gorldt Foundation
Bank Name: Kreissparkasse Teltow-Fläming
Account No: 2525427648 Bank Code: 160 525 00

We thank you in advance for your donations helping those who are usually enjoying the sport together with you.

All the best.
Silke Gorldt Foundation

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