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US - Moses foil 590/647/330, 80 or 82cm mast

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For sale: Moses 590/647/330 $690, 80cm alu mast $260
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US - Moses foil 590/647/330, 80 or 82cm mast

Postby grigorib » Fri Jun 19, 2020 9:55 pm

For sale Moses 590/330 foil with 647 fuselage and choice of 80cm (30” + pedestal + adapter) aluminum or 2020 82cm carbon mast.
590/330 is setup Fred has been riding for last couple of years and it’s a nice foil for anyone who weigh under 190 lbs and for those bored with 633.

Aluminum mast makes it affordable and adapter keeps it compatible with surf/wing fuselages and interchangeable with other carbon masts (unlike original Moses aluminum mast/fuselage setup). The carbon option makes it light for carrying/travel at only 6.07lbs for whole set, compared to 7.1lbs of wing/fuselage/stabilizer only of H4/FKITE (not counting the aluminum mast)

Geometry of 82cm mast (and extra pair of mount holes in the pedestal) allow it to be used with 2020 Dwarfcraft (which otherwise is a challenge for 590 and 71/91/101/111 masts)

The wing and stabilizer are in great condition, the fuselage and 82cm mast haven’t touched water yet. The aluminum mast has few scuffs but is in great condition otherwise.

Comes with foil pouch to protect wings’ surface from everything else and everything else from wing edges.

$890 shipped with aluminum mast
$1390 shipped with carbon mast

I would consider selling individual parts too

PM please
26B92D22-BD5E-4CCD-B650-FC5A3C78356A.jpeg (199.41 KiB) Viewed 235 times
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