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Custom Carbon wing board 5'4" like Fone v2 USA

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Custom Carbon wing board 5'4" like Fone v2 USA

Postby joekitetime » Fri Jul 24, 2020 2:54 pm

Hi there. Sweet wing board for sale. $650

I've ridden the Fanatic 5'4" and the FONE 5'4". This is a custom board that is extremely similar to the FONE 5'4" in terms of weight (all carbon, super light) and shape/design. It is much more durable than both the Fanatic and FONE. The Fanatic is $1200 and the FONE is $1600 so this is a great opportunity to get a high end board for less than half of the others, new.

Standard plate track system.

If you are new to winging this would be an "intermediate to advanced board". I consider it intermediate. I'd place the volume around 70 - 72 liters. It is slightly less than the FONE at 75 liters. I found it very easy to knee start and I weight 75kg.

I've always kept the board covered (except when riding) but it is black, so super important to keep out of the sun!

I have wings available as well, and foils. None of them are cheap though!

Note - the board as a very shiny, high gloss finish. So the "weird" images on the photos are reflections, not actually on the board!

Located at Sherman Island.

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