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USA: carbon foil set Moses 695, 90cm mast

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For sale: Slingshot Turbine 9/13m, Rally 7m, SST 7m, W695 wing, 273 stabilizer, 70cm mast
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USA: carbon foil set Moses 695, 90cm mast

Postby grigorib » Mon Jun 07, 2021 10:08 pm

For sale complete carbon foil with Moses 695 wing, 90cm mast and choice of 230 race or 273 freeride or 310 wave/lightwind stabilizers.
The wing is in very good condition (scratches professionally filled and sanded), mast/fuselage/stabilizers are in new condition.

Riders would experience nice lower end with 695 and take it to 30+ mph. The wing became my long awaited replacement for 590 as lightwindier option and featured lighter and more roll stable setup compared to surf fuselage-based ones.

230 race stabilizer is par with Moses 425
273 is v-shaped, larger that 330 (larger than any Moses kite stabilizer) yet smaller than 483
310 is superior to 483/450 by featuring thinner profile and upward pointed winglets adding yaw stability (and preventing usual 483 wingtip damage)

The mast/fuselage/stabilizers are fully Moses compatible

$1290 for complete set
$390 for 695 wing
$250 for any of stabilizers
$590 for wing+stabilizer
$580 mast alone

would substitute 90cm mast with 70cm upon request

Buyer pays shipping

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