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(Canada) Foil Only Gong Allvator V2 Curve MT

Posted: Wed Nov 17, 2021 11:10 pm
by windybrit
Carbon Wing (Curve MT) Span 73cm, 1150cm², volume 1,14L
Carbon Stab, Span 39 cm, 250 cm2, volume 0,07 L
Mast (95cm) & Fuselage Allvator V2 (54cm)
Complete with padded carry bag and torx key.
Gong v2 mast system which is super stiff, wing functions best for kiters 170lbs and above or wingfoil for lighter folks. Liftoff is easy and turns are smooth. Mounting via 9cm rails 6 or 8 cm bolts.
C$ 675, I'm in Montreal.