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Opinions. on snowboard bindings. for snowkiting

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Don Monnot
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Re: Opinions. on snowboard bindings. for snowkiting

Postby Don Monnot » Thu Jan 05, 2017 8:51 pm

I'm not a very demanding snowboarder or kiter. I like things relatively easy. I use Flow bindings, and like them for a couple of reasons. When I'm on a frozen lake with very little snow and light wind, launching can be a problem. It takes more screwing around to get the kite in the air, which is way easier if you don't have both feet attached to the board. I've rarely had a problem launching in those conditions and then putting my board on with Flow bindings. With higher winds I typically put the board on first, since launching is easy and getting cartwheeled down the lake isn't so easy.
The other reason I like them is that at my local hill I often ride a rope tow (it's a tiny hill). I hate doing the hippity hop or waggle-waggle to get to the rope, so I leave my back foot out of the binding and kick over to the rope. I start to grab the rope and pop my foot into the binding, but don't lock it in place. When I get to the top of the hill I have to let go of the rope before I'm completely at the top, so I just take my back foot out and kick the rest of the way to the top. Super Easy!

Regarding the fit, I'm just not that particular. My bindings are always pretty loose, but I'm OK with that. I'm not at all competitive, which is when that would make a major difference. And like edt said, my kiting board has big gouges out of the bottom, and it's also my downhill board. For me, I don't care. It's even got a switchblade on it, which REALLY screws up the performance, but the convenience is more important FOR ME. (not for everybody). Just my thoughts.


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