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the newest snow kite from peter lynn

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Re: the newest snow kite from peter lynn

Postby jumarcil » Fri Dec 19, 2014 7:03 pm

Yesterday I went out for the first real ride with the Leopard 11m and I have to admit that I am falling in love with that kite. Last year I was on a speed 4 10m as my main kite for snowkiting.

In the summer I prefer tubes, but I hate pumping out kite in the snow, also I ride very often alone and Open Cells foils are the fastest and easiest setup in the winter.

Performance of the leopard was really impressive in the fairly light conditions, one other friend was on a speed 4 10m and her dad on a speed 3 21m, I didn't have any problem keeping up with my buddy on his big Speed. Feather light bar pressure, decent Kite looping speed, really fast kite with great acceleration. Being high aspect it has lots of hangtime plus you dont get dragged downwind. Didn't get to crank some really big air as the wind was moderate but I could tell that it has lots of float.

I cant tell yet how it behaves in really gusty weather plus in overpowered conditions because yesterday the wind conditions were smooth. I will post my future impressions as I try this kite in different conditions.

So far so good :-)

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Re: the newest snow kite from peter lynn

Postby bullet » Thu Feb 05, 2015 9:00 pm

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