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sad news to share

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Re: sad news to share

Postby NHKitesurfer » Thu Feb 19, 2015 7:15 pm

Laughingman wrote:My sympathies to his family and friends.
Such an unfortunate and what seems to be an avoidable accident.

NHKitesurfer, based on your description of the conditions, I have to ask respectfully.... why were you out there? Actually, why was anyone out there? 30 knots with lulls less then 10 knots, shifting directions, challenging, if not down right miserable surface conditions. Did you even enjoy your session?
I see people going out in awful conditions quite a lot, its like they made the drive so therefore they have to go out....
You don't have to go out. I would rather kite the next day then go out in crap and risk my life today. There will always be another day....

RIP Adam

NHKitesurfer wrote:I started the day Monday on a lake a couple of hours southwest from where he was at. The wind was as bad as I've ever seen with lulls dropping to <10 knots and gusts well over 30 and at times it was coming from 2 different directions. The surface conditions on the lake I was snowkiting were pretty bad...wind blown snow with 4' drifts, jagged edges and bare ice every now and then.

I really struggled at times as the wind would scream from one direction and then switch to another. It was scary if the kite was at the zenith when this was happening. When it came time to call it a 30+knot gusts came through just as I was setting my kite down. I struggled to keep it from relaunching and was ready to punch out with my hand securely gripping the quick release at all times. It was a very unnerving feeling. Monday was a gnarly day for beginners and advanced riders alike.

My condolences to the family.
Pete - I can't speak for where the deceased rider went but where I was it's always difficult to judge conditions from the launch area. We intentionally chose a lake vs field to allow for more margin for error.

Where we launch it's in a bit of a wind shadow and always tough to tell what's going on in the middle of the lake. I was first out and quickly realized it was going to be an ugly session. My buddy stayed close to the launch area in the wind shadow and did not subject himself to what I experienced.

After a while I headed back in to call it quits and to answer your question, it was not fun.

I packed it up and decided to drive to a field 20 minutes away. I was treated with 15mph winds, gusting to 20 at times and 3' of soft powder. I spent the next 2 hours on a blissful solo session. You just never know how the conditions will be from one spot to the next on the very same day around here. And I have no way of knowing what the actual conditions were at Crystal lake that day.

And you are right - there will always be another day if you take the time to evaluate the conditions and bag it when it looks too gnarly.

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