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Kiter battles out of control kite (video)

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Re: Kiter battles out of control kite (video)

Postby LetsFlyaKite » Mon May 02, 2016 12:16 am

I can't get over how he just sat there playing on the walkie talkie with the winds picking up. What the hell is talking on the phone going to do for you? LOL

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Re: Kiter battles out of control kite (video)

Postby Hardwater Kiter » Mon May 02, 2016 2:10 pm

Toby wrote:Schools need to step up and teach more about safety!
If you don't come to us, we can't teach you anything. :wink:

Maybe the sport should step up and recognize professional schools as being the best option to learn safely, and step away from "Yeah my buddy taught me, I can teach you." Cost is the common complaint. What costs more a lesson or ER visit, wrecked kite and potential loss of riding areas?

Interesting video. Worth the watch and sharing with students as a "not what to do" teaching tool. And below bar trim, worst idea ever and totally unsuitable for snowkite. Can't see it with winter gear. Can't get leverage on it worth a damn. Easily get packed in a face down fall. Judging by the sound of the precipitation on the camera they were dealing with mixed snow/sleet. Higher moisture content, freezes on contact at times. Easily ices clam cleats and safeties. Which may explain why his wouldn't hold.

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Re: Kiter battles out of control kite (video)

Postby bullet » Thu May 19, 2016 9:26 pm

every kite has 2 safeties. if your first fails unhook and ditch the kite. saying that, its a little hard to let go when you've got it wrapped around your hand

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