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climate change / unpredictable weather/wind

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Re: climate change / unpredictable weather/wind

Postby Matteo V » Thu Dec 17, 2020 3:37 pm

Havre wrote:
Thu Dec 17, 2020 11:02 am
I do believe most people are sheep looking to cling on to some sort of idea/structure. And that since the Church lost that power we are scrambling around looking for the next thing to believe in - be afraid of. How are these things "created"? I don't know, but I do not believe in a smoked filled room where this is all planned. I think it is more random than that, but we clearly haven't figured out how it happens yet (if that is even possible - understanding a system completely when you are part of the system).
Here is how the "conspiracy" actually plays out.

Given that there are both different levels of intelligence (aggegragate of several measures), and motivations-moralities, the system turns out to be a pyramid. While there are very few at the top of this pyramid, those at the top have an understanding/capability/willingness to manipulate those below, even though those at the top are very few in number.

Those who are being manipulated in the middle of the pyramid can just barely comprehend the reality of what is taking place. If any effort is to be made by those in the middle to keep those at the top in check, they need the additional force of those at the bottom.

Unfortunately, those at the bottom do not possess the capability of even barely comprehending the pyramid in its entirety. Thus those at the bottom will rarely side with those directly above, as those directly above seem to be the ones needing to be kept in check.

In the end, those at the bottom are the most useful to those at the top. Those in the middle end up fighting on two fronts. One front is against superior numbers aided by those with superior intelligence, and one front is
against superior intelligence aided by those with superior numbers.

This is simply a general description of the system. Each "conspiracy theory" is better put as "a possibility" within the system. Just because a conspiracy theory can be true, does not mean that it is true. But the fact that it can can be true and go unchecked, is the actual problem. Wether it is true or false, matters very little. This is where the degree of objectivity comes into play.

Just a tiny bit below the top level of the pyramid is where the ability to be objective fades away. Below this level, there is very little capability for a person to understand the most essential part of objectivity. And while "true" and "false" are two of the choices you have, the third choice is that the answer is "unknown". Those who lack the ability to comprehend the 3rd choice and its implications, can easily be manipulated by those who do have this ability.

So the problem in the end is not which conspiracy theories are true or false. The problem is that people believe that they are either true or false, while disregarding the reality that they are actually unknown.

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