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Total newbie...

Forum for snow- and landkiters
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Total newbie...

Postby Obi-wan » Tue Jun 09, 2020 2:38 pm

Hey folks, totally new to kiting. I owned a second hand power kite about 18 years ago and took it out a few times to the beach , that’s the only experience I have, and that kite is long lost!

So I am here to ask a few questions.. I’m looking to get back into kiting, mostly just static right now. But I would like to get a 4 line kite that’s good for beginners and possibly get into boarding/buggying. What kites would you recommend up to £150 gbp?

Also, what online shops do you recommend for power kites? I’m struggling to find any with decent stock and ranges :(

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Re: Total newbie...

Postby collider » Tue Jun 09, 2020 6:25 pm

Not a whole lot of folks flying fixed bridles any more, and not too many still being made. Having said that, there are a bunch of buggy/landboard folks still out there. Probably your best bet is to buy used (I see you're in UK somewhere?), do a search on facebook for buy/sell buggy/kites. I always see a lot of good equipment for sale in UK.
Good starter kites are anything low aspect ratio and 2-3m (for your 63kg). If you want new, Flexifoil Rage can still be found on eBay or sometimes Amazon, same with Buster Soulfly. You can also look at the Pansh Flux. Pansh has a bad reputation, but the Flux is a good FB kite, though a little heavy. Keep your first kite around 3m, don't get sucked into thinking bigger is better, they can be quite powerful. And don't jump with these kites, they will pick you up, but drop you like a brick.
There are a lot of other kites to choose from, try power kite forum and extreme kites forum for a lot more info.

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Re: Total newbie...

Postby Herman » Tue Jun 09, 2020 7:09 pm

Get a second hand Ozone Access 4 or 6m. Should be young enough to have the Megatron chicken loop first generation or better ie not a velcro based chicken loop. Earlier ones ought to be cheaper than your budget! HQ also has some similar kites, but I am not sure which would be as friendly as an Access. These are depower foils with bar. Don't recommend fixed bridle or handles if you want to landboard.

Handles and fixed bridle is ok for buggy but personally I still prefer depower and bar.

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Re: Total newbie...

Postby RedSky » Wed Jun 10, 2020 12:04 am

facebook uk / forsale / kiteboarding and landboarding / buggy kiting here >


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