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10m lines 15m Soul

Forum for snow- and landkiters
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Re: 10m lines 15m Soul

Postby vlassadar » Sun Mar 28, 2021 11:45 pm

I've learned to fly forwards, just grabbing the bar inverted. There's an easy and safe training on the ground - you just turn around and grab the bar the "wrong way". When you lose control, you turn around quickly to recover the control and turn back in reverse mode again. When practicing flying, you can first just descent with inverted grip before trying to fly. And finally, flying in the "reverse" grip, it actually is just the correct grip - left is left and right is right, just avoid thinking of and looking at your wing, instead just feel it. Longer lines mean slower response. Skiing is of course easier as you land at whatever forward speed you have. Height control is during the whole flight, I like maintaining just 2 to 10 feet. Turning if it's steeper, or pushing the bar up - to lose height. Building up speed gives more room for swooping and lifting up... More speed required for smaller wings, my smallest for this is a 11 m. race kite, but the easiest is my 21.

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