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Help power looping a 15m foil kite

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Re: Help power looping a 15m foil kite

Postby RomeUtah » Fri Jan 29, 2021 4:09 pm

Skywalker7 wrote:
Fri Jan 29, 2021 11:45 am
However personnaly I dont think that flying with a kite is a wise idea. If I would do so I would definitely do it with a brand new bar, and I would rebuild the kite-harness connection to a fixed one. No chicken loop, no unrealible kite harness bullshit, where the harness hook can also break, etc.
Chicken is loop is definitely stupid for such actions. I just accidentaly release my chicken loop this year on water in a kiteloop.
Why put your safety .02 in, thats not what the post is about. Those who do glide take great precaution, our setups cannot prevent from catastrophic failure with lines snapping but otherwise besides user error, gliding is pretty safe. Yes we use redundant secondary harnesses and safeties, yes we use new bars and lines, yes we inspect our kite regularly, yes we mostly fly as low as we want to take a hit or a hard landings. Rant over...

On the note of shortening the rear lines or lengthening the front lines, has anyone tried to back stall their kites to slow down or break the flights? Physically it should work, practically, curious how much can you adjust the lines before you get rid of your gear and just get a paraglider :lol:

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