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Grassboard Vs. Dirtsurfer?

Forum for snow- and landkiters
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Postby Gunnar » Wed Mar 20, 2002 10:18 pm

Rob, I know a lot about the Dirtsurfer but I have never seen the Grassboard live, and I wonder If it might be more suited for kite boarding, Doe's that explain my curiosity to you?
I think the reason 2 wheeled boards are uncommon in Dirtboard competitions are the fact that they turn to slow and to big, and are harder to jump,
I like the Dirtsurfer because the feeling is so much more like on water then on ordinary pivot steering boards, and the stability that increase with speed, that’s well worth the lack of stability when standing still or going really slow, I’m not into jumping eather, I do that on water or soft snow because I crash to often ;o)
At last I really think you should try one of the 2 wheelers, you might like it! Have you ever surfed on water or powder snow?

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Postby Paraflysurf » Tue Apr 02, 2002 7:20 pm

Hai out there,

I just bought a Dirtsurfer and I became a fan after 2 minutes.

The feeling is the same as on the water and similar to snowboarding.

I am sure this is the perfect trainer for kitesurfing. If you try with the dirtsurfer I am sure it will take not more than a day to become a good kitesurfer. And you can kite where ever you want. You can go downhill like an adrenaline-junkie or kite around in the fields. What ever you do it is fun fun fun ! You can even jump !

Great thanks to the inventor.


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Postby toperu » Tue Aug 27, 2002 6:54 am

Good advice rob
I think you should stick to your slow mountain board, but when you're ready for some speed and sick air using a kite try one out.

not trying to bag mountain boards the way you bag dirtsurfer's even though you've never given them a shot.

We don't care if you're a PRO MOUNTAIN BOARDER, what's that paying you as A PRO MOUNTAIN BOARDER, I've tried a mountain board it isn't as great as a dirtsurfer for speed, turning and doing tricks with a kite

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Postby Guest » Thu Jan 02, 2003 10:06 am

I thought that there was a restriction on the max wheel size in MTB comps and this is one of the reasons that you don't see them on the slopes.
I have a regular MTB but I like the idea of big wheels as soft sand is the biggest pain for mountainboarding.
The dirtsurfer wheels look a bit too narrow to go in soft sand, though.


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Postby Guest » Thu Jan 02, 2003 1:07 pm

That´s the best board on land.

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Postby Guest » Fri Jan 03, 2003 3:57 am

Ive only ridden the dirtsurfer. I dont think I would like the foot placament on the grass board. Seems that you would need to keep your weight forward all the time to keep the front down. With your back foot behind the back wheel it looks like equal weight on both feet would give a front wheel skipping and bouncing across the surface. On the other hand I could see pivot wheely jibes to toe side on a dime.
Hope you get one, let us know. MARK

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