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2002 vs 2003

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2002 vs 2003

Postby Guest » Wed Mar 05, 2003 1:24 pm

לפני שבוע גלשתי על נורט של חבר 12 מטר ,ונדהמתי מהיכולות של המצנח ,כשמשווים אותו לנאש אר-אקס 11.5 שיש לי ,הוא פשוט מהיר בצורה מדהימה ,נותן יותר זמן אוויר ,יותר גובה ,נעים יותר לשימוש בידיים ,והכי מדהים זה שהוא עף כל כך חלק וייציב -האם כל מצנחי 2003 הביאו קפיצת מדרגה כזו ??
שמעתי שהנאש החדש צריך להיות מצנח מדהים ??
ואם ההבדלים כל כך גדולים מה יהיה ב-2004או 2005 ....?

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Postby BigSmelly » Wed Mar 05, 2003 2:27 pm

First, the difference between the ARX and kite you tried, is ARX is a 2001 kite!!! NOT 2002, so it is 2 generations ahead. If you compare the 2002 kites - Wipika, Naish (X2), North Rhino, Takoon, etc, and the newer 2003 kites, the difference will be less drastic, but still noticable - as from 2002 to 2003, the main imporvements are to saftey systems, and general workmanship of the kite quality - with a few improvements to the flying capabilities. The two most noticable attributes in the 2003 kites, are their speed, and stability - They are all very fast, and very stable....
Take for example the Bronco, from Ocean Rodeo, which I am riding a lot these days. It has the smallest bar of any kite, but is just as fast as the fastest kites - and it is super stable in the air.... A pleasure to fly.
Same with the Caution kites. I flew the 15m, and was very pleased by its speed, which was very fast...

In my opinion 2003 kites are all on such a similar level that it is really the riders skill that will make the difference to the way they perform.

Have fun... ciao

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