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Flexifoil Leashless Safety System (Opinions?)

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Flexifoil Leashless Safety System (Opinions?)

Postby Guest » Wed Apr 02, 2003 7:53 am

Does anyone have any opinions on the new flexifoil leashles safety system?

Has anyone used the system and does it work effectively. It is quite a hard system to explain so I wont try. Kitesurf Mag gave it a good wrap.

If you would like to know how the system works drop me an email.

I could post some pics if requested.

I have been thinking about a system like this for a little while now but have faced the problem of how to get the reride stopper to slide through the bar! Problem solved now!

I really want to compare my system to this one.

The only draw back I can see is that you have to reach the base of the trimstrap to release. My release is at the same point but a small line runs inside my trim rope and a ball pops out of the base which means the release is at the same position as a shackle and sits nicely next to my actual loop release. Different coloured balls of course!

So all opinions welcome and I would love to hear a few user reviews for the most revolutionary safety system to date! Bar none! (No pun intended)

Dve out

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