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Lieuwe Shotgun Review

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Re: Lieuwe Shotgun Review

Postby Paleofit » Sat Jun 12, 2021 7:19 am

Archer77 wrote:
Thu May 13, 2021 10:36 pm
CALencioni wrote:
Fri Nov 20, 2020 6:45 am
Alright, long overdue.

Disclosure - I just kite for fun, I have no sponsors, I pay full price lol

195lbs, Dice Kites, Working On Boosted Kiteloops, Backroll Transition Kiteloops

Boards I Own - Lieuwe Shotgun 138x41, 2019 Axis Vanguard 138
I've also ridden a 139 Imperator 6 through an entire season.

Lieuwe, hands down, is the best mix of boards I've ridden. It is the Superior board without question.

If I were to describe where the Shotgun is superior in a couple sentences, I'd say the board is SUPER fun and playful, has grip when you ask it to have grip, has a good pop, and it rides like butter in the Bay Area chop likely due to its outline and significant rocker vs the Vanguard and Imperator. It's also lighter than both of those boards. Landings are easier and more forgiving due to its flex and rocker profile! It's confidence inspiring in that sense. The Shotgun behaves the way I want it to, when I want it to. It is also a fast board once it's powered up. Fast because it can hold down more power easier and its easier to get through chop at speed(rides like butter).

More detail/comparison-
Vs the Vanguard - The Vanguard, due to its entire length channelling, has a bit too much grip in some situations and is difficult to get it to be playful and loose compared to the shotgun. The Shotgun, has great grip when you bury the edge and ask it to grip. When you let off on the grip, the board becomes loose and really playfull/manageable. Its also extremely fun in general, I think, due to its shape and outline. The Vanguard also sprays A LOT(why don't people talk about this on the vanguard?) compared to both the Shotgun and the Imperator and can be a nuisance in that respect. The Vanguard, even being wood, doesn't have enough flex or rocker IMO and rides pretty stiff in chop. Due to its extremely locked in grip and lack of rocker, it generally rides rough in chop but does ride really fast as long as you're legs and knees are up for the challenge. The Shotgun is way more forgiving on bad landings to the point that the vanguard hurts on flat, hard, or off balance/bad angle landings. However, because the Vanguard has less rocker and is stiffer, its more efficient in light winds. The shotgun definitely requires more wind, but in that sense allows to hold more power for bigger boosts. I wish the vanguard would have been more forgiving.

Vs the Imperator - The imperator has great grip when you bury the fin, however, I find that board a bit too loose when you're on the mid rail/on top of the board(maybe because of the rounded rail and lack of any channeling?) The imperator has similar spray characteristics(maybe slightly more spray?). The shotgun is the superior ride in chop, has more rocker, pops easier. Both boards are great with landings, but bad landings are better on the shotgun, I think, because of the flex profile and its not as loose.Sometimes I'd skip out or slide out on the Imperator on a bad landing when I didn't want to or thought I could muscle out of it. On the shotgun, I can muscle out of a bad landing and won’t likely slip/skid out as long as I don't want to. The imperator is more efficient as well, due to less rocker and a wider profile.

Where the Shotgun is not superior to either board is the efficiency aspect. It does require more wind due to its smaller size and increased rocker. It is, however, single concave to help with this. Again, this becomes a blessing when it’s really pumping out as the shotgun can hold more power and can also ride smoother at speed

Some side notes -

Design - I got a custom design on the Shotgun which makes it, of course in my opinion, the most bad ass looking board. If you dig the design, dude- obviously, you're not a golfer :thumb:

Customer Service - Let me tell you what, working with the Lieuwe guys- Roel and Dirk, what awesome individuals. These people give a shit and really care. They went out of there way to help me with a shipping issue and provided above and beyond service. I can't thank them enough for their help.

Pads - I love the Axis pads
CALencioni you ever tried the Shinn Bronq? is probably the best competitor of the Shotgun, I have one 135*41 is amazing and for many things similar to your description of the Shotgun, but I need a slightly bigger board like a 138 too and are some years that I'm thinking to take the Shotgun (listened many good words as for the Bronq) but I'm also waiting to hear someone that have tested both
I have a Shinn Bronq 135*41 and we met once at Alameda where you showed me your board (super memorable), strappies (which I now own thanks) and Sherman morning wind. Gimme a holler next time you ride in the EB — we can switch boards and give this fella a proper review!

Having only seen the Shotgun, the rocker line of the bronq (flatter through middle and more pulled up tips…) and the channelling are most obvious differences (full length channeling on bronq vs deep tip-only channels on shotgun). I have expectations of how this would change the ride but I’d like to see for myself someday.

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