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X3 8-10-12-14-16-18 testet

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X3 8-10-12-14-16-18 testet

Postby Toby » Mon May 19, 2003 8:41 pm

Tested by "Guest":


Wobling wingtips.....yes, and it works, like its designed too

Depower.........Extrem, and your are most importen, in control.

Low end.....God on 10-12-14-and 18. Funny i felt the 16 , had very good depower, but not the low-end from last year. (So if you had 16 X2, goo for 18.0 X3 as ligtwind kite.)

Stering... Not as fast/unpredictabel as X2, but fast/knowing where the kite is. (Dont know if this makes sence, but thats the feel.)

Waterstarts..........acceptabel, but NOT for beginners.

The valves and safety-bom-lines-and finish, Naish got the shit to gether.

Feelings on evry teste kite.

8.0.....only underpowert, sorry
10.0 if you had 8.0 last year, get the 10.0 this year. Good depower, and the feeling off safe stering all the time.
12.0 a god "high" vind kite, that gets you high, and control.
14.0 The best size this year.... (X2 was 12.0)
16.0 Good depower, but a feeling off in between sizes...
18.0 Gets you gooing in 2-3 knots earlier the X2 18, and is FUN even overpowert. gets you higher than enything, but havent the hangtime as the Rhino2

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