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X3 20

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X3 20

Postby SteveM » Tue May 20, 2003 5:26 am

Just got back from a good 2hr session, which started, at 11 knots increasing to 14 knots cross on, with chop and small swells. My weight 85kg and started on my light wind board 150X44 and later changed to my 140X40. A friend was also kiting at the same time also for the first time on his X3 20 and is of a similar ability and weight and also rode a X2 20 from June 02. So this is basically a joint report.

We both kite in the chicken loop, no fixed loop and with the kite setup so that max power is with the bar against the stopper. This gives consistent pull from all 4 lines and means you basically just steer the kite with your arms.

The X3 20 seems to have a deeper foil, with lower aspect ratio than the X2 20. I think that this helps it keep power in the turns, and stops it wallowing like the X2 20 goes in lighter winds. Definitely smoother, and doesn’t stall in the turns and has less bar pressure.
I tried both pigtails on the frontlines, and was surprised by the difference it made. The back pigtail for the front line definitely gives more pull, not sure if I like the extra pull but it should be useful in light winds. Seems to have more depower, and one centimeter of depower makes a big difference. Tips bend similar to the X2 20 except the bend is a bit closer to the trailing edge.

My kite was jellyfishing, but it was only pumped firm. Anton’s kite was hard and he said it didn’t jellyfish. I couldn’t feel the jellyfishing on the bar.

Anton dropped his kite once and was surprised at how easy it relaunched. Swam towards it, and the kite rolled on it’s back grabbed the bar swam a little to one side and it relaunched.

Towards the end of my session I swapped kites with a friend, to see how his X2 20 felt. Not a big difference but I had to depower slightly on the X3 and not on the X2 and the X2 definitely wallows a bit in the turns.

We both think that the kite is slightly more stable & has a little more hang time than the X2 but we need more time with the kite.

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