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Naish Aero2 14.0 Review

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Naish Aero2 14.0 Review

Postby Toby » Sat May 24, 2003 10:09 am

Tested by "hansgoos"

Just tested the aero 2 14. Beautiful kite with all the features of the x2, but then moderate aspect ratio. The wind was increasing from 16-22 knots so I was able to test the upper limit of the kite. The bar is nice (carbon x2 bar) with a sliding safety system on the frontlines. Also quite handy feature is the pump leach which worked great on the beach. I pumped up the kite really hard. With the line settings on fast, and the power at the back setting. In the air the kite felt very stable. On the water i was quite powered up, but the kite has so much upwind capacity, was really easy, and you can really edge the speed out of your kite. The kite is really fast (as fast as my airblast 8.4 2002). When riding back to the beach i sent the kite back and flew in the air. It has an amazing lift and hangtime. And this kite makes it so much easier to jump, land and try advanced tricks beacause it is very stable and predictable. Also when you arent going fast you jump really high. The kite is so stable you just can't get it out of the air, if you make a mistake the kite just flys back to the zenith. And on the fastest setting the kite is really great for waveriding. Back on the beach I realised how much the wind was because i couldnt walk with the kite. And the people on the water were busy with 9 m2 kites. so that 140 x 35 board, with six fins, and super sharp rails does help :P
I'm thinking of changing my airblast 8.4 for an aero 2 10, because i'm really impressed by the aero 2, Depowers great, Hang time and lift like a High aspect ratio kite, great upwind abilities, easy water relaunchabilty, and very fast.

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