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Naish Stubbie 115 by Heine

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Naish Stubbie 115 by Heine

Postby Toby » Thu Jun 26, 2003 9:41 am

Yesterday I was out on the 115 stubbie for the first time. Conditions: flat water area with small chop. Fully powered on a 12.
First thing that I notived is that you have great control even at high speeds. Put good presure on the back leg and you can go realy fast with out loosing control. The board is also great for stomping the kite in gusts. To me it feels as you can ride the board both on the edge, but also more flat than many other boards. I guess it's because of the concave bottom.
For light days I ride a SS SX141.
At first I put a little too much weight on the front foot so the tip caught a few waves, but when figuring out the right weight distribution it just rocks.
I'm very happy with the board.
I still haven't tried it in lighter conditions, so I don't know the low end.

The small Stubbie is made of PU like the small Hazmat. I think the 127 is EPS core, just like the big Hazmat. I don't have a weight scale, but I guess the weight is close to the SS sx141. On the paper the SS should be 2,4 kg. (probably board only with no straps or fins.)
I spoke to Paul Franko from the Naish team, and he said that EPS is a lighter material than PU, but that the small stubbie is lighter than the 127 because of the smaller size.
The Stubbie is not light for it's size, but because it's so small the weight of the material is not that important.
It feels very duable, and I wouldn't expect it ever to break.
It's quite thick to give space for the grab-rail. This is making the board stiff. It doesn't flex. On the opposite side of the flex-scale you find thin boards like Fanatic sky rider or F-one Sk8.



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Postby xray » Mon Sep 01, 2003 10:11 am

Had a chance to ride one as well.
I was riding my 16.5 GXR in gusty wind. I weigh 92 kgs. Take this into consideration.

You defenitely need constant wind since it doesn't want a lull, you'll sink immediately. When it runs however it's absolutely fast and very lively. This flat rocker concave bottom really works. Sliding is very easy, the fins are quite small (IMO). Edging is eally easy and with enough wind gaining height is no problem. You have to edge it because if you don't it feels a it bouncy.

Really liked it.

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