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Vari 138

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Vari 138

Postby Manxman » Thu Jul 03, 2003 1:24 pm

Just posting my opinions on this board.
Great board with strong construction (been accross the stones a few times), all that there is in the frm of damage after 8 months use is a few small scratches on the heelside rail.
The board rides very fast and has changed my riding style (for the better), it edges really well (sometimes to well in lighter winds killing the power in the kite) and has great pop for both big floaty jumps and higher speed wakestyle jumps. Landings are excellent i think due to the width of the board.
The six fins are not for me so i have removed the two smaller heelside fins and prefer the way it rides.
My only complaint about the board is the accessories.
No matter how much loctite I have used I still go through fins (currently bordering on double figures). Dont get me wrong the fins are an xcellent shape and when they are on the board feel brilliant, but they seem a little bit fragile.
The footstraps I have changed to Dakine straps, due to personal preference. And I have had a few problems with the footpads coming off (nothing a few drops of glue cannot fix).

Overall this is an excellent board and worth the money as it will greatly improve your riding. The best purchase I have made in all of my time kitesurfing. :thumb:

75kgs, CO2 2003 9 &12, flat water, waves and chop.

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