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Rhino04 14.0

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Rhino04 14.0

Postby Toby » Tue Sep 09, 2003 12:09 pm

yesterday we had a nice day and winds from 5-6 bft (17-21 knts)

I took out the new Rhino04 14.0 with my X-Shooter bar (55cm) and KPS lines (300kg, very direct steering).

My weight is 86 kgs and a prototype the X-Shooter XXX (122 x 36cm).

I'm used to the Rhino2 14.0, therefore I will compare it to this kite and the AMP 10.3 (14.0 sqm).

North improved the quality where it was needed.
The frontube seam is located at the side which will stop wearing out the canopy material. The seams look better in general and are taped now.
See detailed pictures here:

this has been the major difference to the Rhino2.
In gusts I had to edge ghard on my Rhino2, but with the Rhino04 a gust doesn't have the hard impact it used to have. Just push the bar away and you don't feel the power.
The kite became a much higher low end, but I cna't say how much more.
But you instantly feel how much more relaxed you can ride with this kite.
The 04 lost in sizes 14 and smaller (according to North) a bit of the grant.
I think so too, that my Rhino2 had more power in the low end.

the Rhino04 is much faster than the Rhino2.
So for kiteloops it is perfect, since on full power it turns excellent.
But due to 5 connection pints you can make the kite slower as well, depending on your style.

the lift is great, I would say a bit more than the Rhino2.
Due to the speed of the kite you can really kick you out of the water.
The lift is not too aggressive, more smoother than before.
I felt a difference in the hangtime. The Rhino2's hangtime is better.
Maybe it will be compensated by the higher air, but you feel the difference when landing. The Rhino2 guaranteed a soft landing (when you know the jumping techique....) and the Rhino04 brings you down harder.

If I compare it to other kites, I would say it is a mixture between Rhino2 and Wipika AMP.
The AMP felt the same way like the Rhino04, smooth riding with nice speed and big airs. But the AMP was more sensible to trimming and didn't give me a comfortable feeling, which the Rhino04 does.

Overall Impression:
the Rhino04 is a great kite.
I still love the hangtime of the Rhino2, but everything else has been improved on the Rhino04. So for the new style with kiteloops etc it is perfect. And the stronger pull of the Rhino02 has been changed to a very smooth and relaxed riding.

Pls note that the sizes 14 and smaller are a different design the 16, 18 and 20.
North informed me that the bigger sizes are very similar to the Rhino2 20 and 16, which worked excellent for me.
But sizes 14 and smaller are much faster and have a lot more depower then the R2.


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