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Voodoo 10m and 14m review

Posted: Sun Jan 18, 2004 5:57 pm
by RC-Kiter
Tested were the Flysurfer Voodoo in the sizes 10 and 14 m².

Spot: Capeverdian Islands, Sal
Wind: 3,5 Bft - 5,0 Bft
Windconditions: Constant but gusty wind
Water: Open sea with waves
Date: 31.12.03 - 14.01.04

The "Testteam" this time does not consist of teamriders of Flysurfer, but hobby-kiters that want to improve their kitelevel on the Capeverdian Islands. The testteam consists of these people, see their strongest points next to their names and weight:

Marc, Berlin (94kg) Staying upwind
Andre, Berlin (67 kg) Jumping
Axel, North Germany (85 kg) Kitesafety, upwind
Ulf, Oldenburg (87 kg) Safety, cruising
Dirk, Berlin (78 kg) Kitesafety, upwind

According to several kitemags the Voodoo is a very promising kite. The testteam had the possibility to see if all these stories are really true. Here you find the findings of all riders.

Check the following link for the full review: ... Voodoo.htm