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GXR 2004, 8m2 by xray

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GXR 2004, 8m2 by xray

Postby Toby » Wed Feb 04, 2004 11:53 pm

Since we have summer here in the Netherlands this moment, at least it looks like it (16 degrees Celsius where 4 is normal), the seawater also still is about 8 degrees celsius (also 4 normal), a perfect day one could say especially when you have about 33 knots (7 bft), I went out on the water (if it would have been colder I still would have gone with this wind).

Thus far the smallest size I evere used was a 12m, up to 25 knots quite well rideable (the 2003 that is). The 33 knots however was way too much for the 12 so I decided to take my brand new GXR 2004 8m. Allthough the wind was good I was a bit reluctant since I hadn't been out on the water for over a month. My experience with the 12 had not been super all the time either. The kite is pretty good when not overpowered but if you come in the overpowered region it behaves not very easy to say the least (just use search on the forum). On top of this all small sizes of high AR kites are known for their sometimes tricky behaviour and I still had a feeling that I perhaps overestimated my skill-level when I bought the kite.

Anyway I just went out and had a very, very pleasant suprise!
Yes the kite steers insanely fast and responds to every tiny little piece of input (outer points used so some tempering possible) but it felt rock steady jumped very high and gave a very good and floaty landing. Depowering was excellent and it was very easy to handle with not too much bar pressure but enough to feel everything your doing, no need to look up you just feel where your kite is instantly. Handled excellent with some small waveriding (windwaves of about 1mtr) and was always very controllable without being too nervous.

A friend of mine who rode his X2 10m borrowed my 8 for a while (he was well overpowered with his 10) and found the sweetspot much better and usable than that of his own X2. Also he liked the good depowering (had to use it more since he weighs about 15 kg less than I do).

All in all a very pleasant experience on a perfect day.


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