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Globerider Kites KPO 12m Lift2 review by windshreder

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Globerider Kites KPO 12m Lift2 review by windshreder

Postby Toby » Thu Feb 19, 2004 9:40 am

I got a chance today to test a GK 12m KPO Lift 2. (KPO = Kite Power Optimizer, the sliding ring front line attachment point system.)
Two words for this kite, smooth power.
Conditions: side off shore shifting to direct off shore at South Jetty Ft. Pierce FL. Wind gusting from 14-30 mph.
I weigh 70kg 160 lbs intermediate kiter.

It was very gusty so the perfect day to test the KPO system on the Globerider Kite. It was also rigged with a 5th line relaunch/safety. I have not tried the 5th line system before so I was anxious to see how well it works.
GK rigged up the kite and launched me with my XXX X-Shooter 122x36.

I was the first out as the conditions looked pretty bad. I like a doofus immediately crashed the kite on the first bottom turn. I was not used to GK's locking bar (not the bar supplied with new kites) and flew it straight into the water. Had a few jeers from the peanut gallery as everyone was watching the wind dummy (me!)
So here goes the 5th line relaunch. GK said just pull in an arm length of line and the kite will flip right over. Bingo, just as he said, the kite was in the relaunch position. And we are talking 3 seconds and the kite was up. WOW!
So now the ride, it was very gusty but you couldnt tell by looking at the kite or at the business end, No yanking, jerking, JUST SMOOTH POWER. It was like a steady wind day.
So I thought Id try a few jumps. It had really nice lift in the jumps and felt like it had good speed for my timing. I had the first jump that I had a really nice secondary lift/pull when bringing the kite forward after sending it! Super soft laundings. The kite depowers well, as well as my Wipi, Amps.
I flew the GK 11.5 Lift last year in La Parguera Puerto Rico last year and had the best kiteboarding day I have ever had on it. The Lift 2 is even better :thumb:

So to sum it up. Forget RECON, forget JUMPSTART, 5th line is the shizzneet :thumb: :thumb: :thumb: :thumb: :thumb: :thumb:

1: If you dont buy a GK sew a 5th line attachment on your kite, its awesome.
2: If you kite where it is gusty you will love the Lift 2.
3: Demo a GK kite, its awesome! If you cant demo one, just buy one. You will like it :thumb: .
4:Beware after you demo, you will want to buy one!

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