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Liquid Force 04 Spectrum 12"

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Liquid Force 04 Spectrum 12"

Postby Santa » Thu Feb 19, 2004 9:09 pm

Liquid Force Spectrum 12"

Hi every one,

I have had the pleasure to ride the new kite from LF…….

It’s a high performing kite with an AR that isn’t that high (medium/high), it took me about ½ an hour to get use to the way it’s flown, NICE….

We went out 4 friend, I use to be on my 14, will they are on 8-10 different brand, but here I got a PULLKITE, and I was somewhat overpowered 20/25 knots, went in to the beach, shorted the front lines about 20 cm (that 6 inches; I think) and went out again…. Sorry to sound childish, but I had to call NASA several time, they pick me up on their radar!!! The height and the time one had was astonishing, I newer had that feeling trying other kites from 2001-2003, and I wasn’t even been that courageous, it’s still winter here in Denmark and the water was not 5 degrees yet!

After some time I tried to pull of some jump, normal jumps, rotations and stuff, time in the air was way longer, therefore I missed some landings………

Some days later I went out in 18/20 knots sunshine, and still cold water and air, I went to a spot with small was max. 50 cm (15 inches) but they are sharp, so I went upwind witch was quite easy. And turn out to the reef, and rode the wave back, this kite has so much power, that I just parked it around 10.30 and didn’t have to move it for several waves nice nice nice!!!

I have been trying kiteloops or kitespin like some call it! With my old kites, there I use to heard my self, here I do not even have to pull the bar that much, so my new move ended up being a toe in 540 kiteloop with lot’s of time to land it or even go 900, smooth people I mean smooth.

The kite is made in combine of light material, and heavy duty were it’s needed, it bullet proof, I have smashed it in to the ground, a tree, the water, all on purpose more or less…..

It’s stable like a rock in the air no jelly at all, it’s fast but still controllable an the kick is that it’s almost impossible to get in to the water, I manage to do so twice, trying “kiteloop ala being over the kite for a sec.â€

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