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Review: X-Shooter XXM + Bar + Best Nemesis 18

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Review: X-Shooter XXM + Bar + Best Nemesis 18

Postby Toby » Wed Mar 17, 2004 11:07 am

sorry for keeping you waiting but I didn't have the ok from Toddo yet to release anything about his new bar.
Now the new ideas has been given to the patent office to avoid copies from other brands.

First let me explain the conditions:

The last time I was on the water was beginning of January.
On Sunday we had about water and air 4°C.
So we didn't test long.
Wind about 4.5 bft (14 knts).
I had only new stuff I'm not used to.
So all impressions are not 100%.
A very good impression I will have after the Kite Show in Egypt.
This reflects Toddo's and my impression, since we think the same about it.
Below is a link to a short video about that day.
Don't expect much action, since we didn't want anything to happen in these condidtions....

What did I wear in these conditions?
I tested the Neil Pryde Eclipse, which is very soft and no water came in, although it is not a drysuit!
Under it I had a neoprene body from Prolimit with Titan.
I also tested a new hood and gloves from NeilPryde. The hood is some more material to cover a bit of your neck and sholders,this way nothing can float into your wetsuit. It also has a cap which looks much better ;-).
The gloves are the first ones, which kept my hands warm. They are mitten ("gloves for the fist") but very soft, so you can still grab and release everything, since you have more feeling.
For those poor guys like me, who have to survive with cold conditions, this setup is a great choice.

What do you want to know first?
Ok, let's start with Best....

Nemesis 18:
The quality looks like any other kite.
No integrated struts, but we think it is not needed, what we can tell from the performance.
The kite flies stable in the air, no troubles.
Looks like a good pull in lighter winds, can't say much about the depower yet.
It turns quiet fast, but we used 20m lines on a 50cm bar.
I normally fly 27m, so I can't say anything about that.
The lift in that wind was nice, and the hangtime as well.
If it is better than others, I don't know. Hopefully after Egypt.

As you see, I can't say much about it. But so far I can say, that the kite flies good, no or not much difference to other brands.
But how the high end performance is, I hopefully will find out in Egypt.
On the video you can see that it flies very stable and the jumps are not too bad.

X-Shooter XXM:
The new X-Shooter XXM is 136x37cm.
Like on any X-Shooter, you get up on it and feel like home.
Very comfortable and rides very relaxed.
It makes its way through chop easily. Once pressure on the kite, just just edge harded and can control the power with it.
Upwind no problem and juming is also great, since you can edge hard.
The quality is exellent (made in Germany) and only the best materials are used. Definitely worth its money.
XXX, XXM and XXL can be tested during the Kite Show.

X-Shooter "Masterpiece":
Actually the name says it all.
Nothing the bar can't do.
The X-Shooter bar or also know as bar, was already ahead of its time in 2002. There were a few things which have to be adjusted due to different style of tricks, specially going unhooked.
Also the adjuster was missing and you had to use a normal power loop.
All this has been newly designed, but in a way, it is perfect and will please everyone, no matter what skills you have.
Here the new developments and its names with a very brief desciption.
More details will follow after the Kite Show:

- Fully spinning bar, even in power position!
- All lines detwist
- Wichard shackle as Quick Release (the best release you can have!)
- Big releases on Wichard for quicker finding
- ThumbSpok. Spok stands for: Spinning Power Hook
- FAC: Floater Adjustment Control. For safety reasons on the steering lines, but very quick and easy to release for depower and very convinient and exact for trimming the power (the most convinient I ever tested!)
- Safety with Remote Release, setting new standards for safety in competitions!
- VPS: Vario Power Stop for trim and safer launch/landing and waveriding (giving you a huge depower!).

I'm used to the former bar and it was excellent, but this one truly is a Masterpiece! So convinient, clean and safe, it is unbelievable.

Since talk is cheap, you can test the prototypes at the Kite Show in Egypt and see for yourself.
Toddo just informed me, that the bar will be handmade in Germany as well with only the best materials and that he will try everything to have one production bar ready for the testival in Egypt.


17mb, Windows Media videos/Bar%20Test%2017mb.mpg

9mb, Windows Media videos/Bar%20Test%209mb.mpg


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