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Takoon ENova2 !

Posted: Fri Feb 22, 2008 9:18 pm
by Peter_Frank
Have just been out with the ENova2 in 9m2 and 12m2 the last two days.

I somehow expected a "beginner" kite...

Boy was I wrong !

Of course it is user friendly, because it is so extremely stable and easy to relaunch - and a rigid structure so it dont "twist" when relaunching :thumb:

But to my surprise, it has some really :naughty: characteristics :

The depower stroke is really short - no more "long arms" !
And still "reasonable" bar pressure (can be adjusted between "too much" and "too little" for most....) :D

It took a while to get used to be able to control everything with such short stroke, and ease.

Riding waves - sits so stable, and turns with much more power - but sooooo easy to depower because of the short stroke. Great.

Hangtime and jumps - more than the Furia, because of its higher aspect !

And when kitelooped or turned - it has lots of power - no more "weak" pivot SLE turns...

It can be powered up on tight rear lines, and still turned tight, without stalling or braking too much - really enjoyable !

Very very direct feel and response - although it can not turn as fast as the Furia, nope - but has more power and hangtime and does not stall/reduce power when turned :thumb:

REALLY excited about this kite, which I just tested for "seeing what it was" and not expecting anything extraordinary but a "standard SLE kite".

The bar is different also - thats another thing.

So I am looking forward to more tests of these now....

Should be said, I normally ride Takoon kites - so this is my preference (I like the smooth style and depower), and of course I am somewhat biased, true - but as I just experienced something I did not expect the last days, I would write about it !

Anyone else tried the new ENova2's ?

Kindly, Peter Frank


Out yesterday on the DATA board with the 9m2 :

Image ... Jansen.wmv


Re: Takoon ENova2 !

Posted: Sat Feb 23, 2008 8:11 pm
by takun
You have done a good test, Peter! :wink:

I just have seen the video of enova2, Tuva Jansen, and I don´t like the video because almost not see the kite, if turns faster, don´t see highjumps, .. No riders more aggressive to keep a kite? I don´t like Tuva,but is a good footballer :rollgrin:

So, the video of Furia is good,good, good.of Bertrand Fleury :thumb:
I like see Ruben Lenten working for takoon :naughty: :jump:

Re: Takoon ENova2 !

Posted: Wed Mar 05, 2008 5:46 pm
by Youtch
Why do you say that the depower stroke is really short, if on the new bar novbar, the depower throw it seems very long in fact.

Re: Takoon ENova2 !

Posted: Wed Mar 05, 2008 7:19 pm
by Peter_Frank
Youtch wrote:Why do you say that the depower stroke is really short, if on the new bar novbar, the depower throw it seems very long in fact.
Well, I did not state this very precisely, you are right 8)

I mean - the KITE has a short depower stroke, so you dont need "long arms" to depower the kite fully.
Just stretch your arms a bit, and you are there :thumb:

This works espcecially good with waist harnesses, as you have can reach much shorter than with a seat harness.

So you have all kite power control in reach, and dont hardly need the trim strap no more, for hooked riding, as you can adjust without getting a "bad" stance ever :D

("bad stance" = the "shit" stance or too far leaned back, as none of these "opposites" are desireable)

Unhooked you use the trim strap of course 8)

The bar has really good depower stroke, but not unlimited anymore - as this is not necessary on the ENova2's.
So you can reach the trim adjuster, and the bar if letting go.

Kindly, Peter Frank