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Globeride - GK - D-Vsonic III 2010 -> 8m² test

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Globeride - GK - D-Vsonic III 2010 -> 8m² test

Postby freebon » Wed Nov 18, 2009 7:58 am

I'm just coming back from Mauritius where i get the opportunity to try the new 2010 sonic in le Morne.

I've got in my hand the trix 12m², but didn't manage to try it => too much wind. but I’ve use the sonic 8m² during all day ;-) .

You can find some picture of the kite session in the below link => ... directlink


the kite

as 2009 the kite has a lot of reinforcement and the double LE sewing. The construction is just done to last.
the bridle is compact with 2 pulleys on the front line and no on the back. During the test le AKPO setup was on the front of the kite wich allow a better turning and a good feedback on the bar. If you put the AKPO setup on the back of the kite, the kite will just look like the 2006 (the one a still ride with as I love it so much)
the Bar
The bar is very similar to the 2009, we finally fond some elastic on the bar end to store the line. We can still adjust the trim loop position and it’s really nice. The chikenloop is just simple and efficient => I’ve a discussion with matt to use the chikenloop on suicide mode but keep the security during launching and landing.


The kite is powerful and fast, I finally found very similar feeling than on my 2006 Yahoo :D.

The kite is more stable and much faster with the AKPO bridle on the front of the kite. The new Delta shape style allows a very good re launch. During the session I also use the 2009 9m² trix and the 2008 8m² sonic, and the 2010 is the one that I want. As I found back the feeling of the 2006 with all dreamed improvement on the bar and on the kite

Thks Matt

As far as I know first production bact is done and kites are on the way to Europe and maybe other country.

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