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Xenon brand

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Xenon brand

Postby kitesite » Sat Apr 30, 2011 7:57 am

Hello Fello Kite Riders
My Name is Yaniv & i am the webmaster of the Israeli KiteForum.-

In Israel there are about 3000-5000 active kiters, & almost all of the brands are represented here.

I wanted to write my short review about Xenon brand here- how it went into our market as a newcomer at 2009, & now became one of the most selling Brands in here, & i see it's success in many other countries around the globe.
I think That the Importer here was one of the first to take the brand & distribute it here at 2009, today you can find it in 3-4 points (retailers) at our small country.

Before i start i think it's necessary to note- i am an experienced rider, 11 years riding & 10 years in the KiteBoarding Biz.
I've been travelling all over the globe by now & i can ride/choose to have any kiteboarding brand/gear i wish. I ride Naish gear from 2000, but since 2010 I got my TT board- a Xenon La-luz 132. I kite with Naish Tourches, weight 65 KG, & practice mainly freestyle.

At 2009 i started to hear about Xenon as a new brand in the market, the Importer here did a pretty good work, Boards are very good, Image had built itself world-wide & soon riders became aware, tested and started buying Xenon.

At 2010 i was wondering how it had became so successful here, so I've called the importer, which we had only biz relations by than, & asked him to send me a La-luz 132 for test, the rest is history, i don't want to ride on any other board now (like i wrote, i can have any gear i desire).

As far as i know, Xenon is a Polish brand, that produce it's TT line in EU Union, with all of the advantages in it.
I can see the brand is spending loads on it's promotion world-wide & I've entered the dealers list of it, was very surprised to see that it is selling in over 60 countries on it's third year in the market-

Tests- I've tested the line of 2011, & here is what i got to say:
La-luz 132/40:
It's Xenon's "star" - thier most selling board who won the best TT at 2009 & second place at 2010 (IKsurfmag contest).
Xenon changed the graphics from 2010 (was a bit boring) - IMO at 2011 it's the most clean & beautiful board in the market.

The pads are really comfy, looks like the had invested loads into this new 2011 mould. Straps look pretty much the same but they have the logo now & another inner layer of foam in the strap- which enables comfort + to close the strap for very small sizes if needed (a thing some brands need to change ASAP).
Light- the board is so light, i was afraid I'll brake it... but it survived all super mega loops done by me & friends at 40 k winds...
Xenon also offer 2 years breakage warranty for those boards, so not much to worry about.
The board is very "square"- i think this is what's making it so unique- it feels so soft, but sure does deliver the pop... Landings- "idiot proof"... so easy going.
Fins are G-10 50 mm, i think it's good they made it shorter for this model in 2011 (at 2010 it was 54, which IMO was bit too much).
The centre of the board is stiff, bit more than last year, but the tips are flexi.
It's fast but not too fast, could be a bit faster but i guess it will change it's other characteristics, so better not.
On the turn, could curve faster as well (tho i like that exact speed of it), i guess it's because of it's square shape, maybe those who like riding waves with TT will not like it, but hell ! who goes on waves with TT ? :)
Anyway it turns & speeds better than 2010 model because of it's smaller fins and because it's stiffer.
All in all a great freestyle/freeride board, looks stylish, delivers everything you need- my choice for the second year in a roll.

Infra - I am still trying to figure the size of board for me. There is the 133/40- which is definitely the sizes i am used to, but for those freestyle boards, a bit bigger/wider board is needed so i am thinking of having the 136/41... i'll probably go for the 133/40 because i like small boards in general, & my weight is 65 kg this is also the board I've tested.
Infra 133/40 -The board is pretty much as Xenon say it is- "No Grey Zone Areas"- Black or White, the way it's designed.
I think this board is very stylish, the colours are representing the message Xenon wants to deliver- "No Grey Zone Areas"-
BUT, i wrote "pretty much" as it is not as very stiff as i expected it would be, it had a very, very ! strong pop, but relatively soft landings, i guess again it is the shape & construction.
It has a smaller rocker & it's heavier- heavier is better for this kind of board who needs to absorb all kind of abuse (& obstacles), i would like a few more MM on rocker. The board is kind of 3D, the only model of Xenon built this way, i like this kind of mould/construction.
Thinking about obsickels - Xenon did it smart that on the bottom of the board they did the sheet layer "Mat"- so it's not easily screatched. On the top it is shiny, got it's special Xenon logo & black Handle (again, very smart thing they did- making this board with a handle, a mistake many brands do with "Freestyle Boards").
Infra is great for riding boots. Some riders went on it on a MasterCraft ( speed boat) session, were amazed of how this board reacts (considering the fact it's a KiteBoarding board), the only thing is that they had to change in it were fins for that session, they put on some 2.5 cm ones.

Infra board- a great freestyle board, one that will not brake your knees while landing & will survive hard abuse.

Rayo 134/41:
Can not say much on this board, because the size I've tested was a bit too big for me, & also I've only took on it for a few H session on strong wind & choppy conditions.
What i can say is that it's soft, softer than La-luz for sure, but somehow i was still able to create pretty good pop while unhooking.
It is so very "buttery" on the water, smooth board. Very strong Upwind ability (54 mm fins, which fits the boards stiffness level)
I think it fit's those who like to go easy, intermediates & beginners.

Good on ya Xenon, your are definitely on the right track.

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Re: Xenon brand

Postby sharky79 » Tue May 03, 2011 11:29 am

This review is spot on!
Exactly what i fely, eventually i got the La-Luz.
I felt that the infra was a bit too much for me, i like my boards to be soft and not that technical, this board was superb on its pop, but was a bit harder to ride.
The rayo is sweet, soft riding and quite easy going, a bit less than what i was looking for.
There for the La-Luz was the perfect fit!
It has the exact amount of required flexibility and yet still gives you great pop.
I got hooked instantly. I am glad i still have time to ride it until the 2012 gets out... :)

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Re: Xenon brand

Postby peet » Tue May 03, 2011 1:21 pm

I've reviewed both the 2011 Laluz and Infra, links are as follows

Both great boards with a different target market in mind. Love the simple yet agressive graphics on the Infra... sick.

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Re: Xenon brand

Postby eldadgold » Mon May 09, 2011 4:24 pm

Yaniv that's a good review. spot on.
codos for the effort :thumb:

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Re: Xenon brand

Postby Kitemare123 » Thu May 12, 2011 9:15 am

Couldn't have put it better myself! Great review!

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Re: Xenon brand

Postby Bossstyle » Wed May 18, 2011 6:53 pm

Xenon La Luz 135 2011 for sale if any one interested. Its been in the water 3 times only for 3 very short sessions and is still in mint condition. £410 posted in uk (£120 cheaper than the retail.). A real Bargain for an as new board.

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