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which freeride board for weak knees / antivibration?

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Re: which freeride board for weak knees / antivibration?

Postby jumarcil » Fri Nov 25, 2011 9:50 pm

My right knee is due for reconstruction;

Was riding a caliber 130 and I have traded it for a Nobile NHP. That board is super smooth in the big chop, it has a really good pop (better tahn the caliber). It can feel a bit skatey at first probably cause its got a big rocker and a lots of channel. Anyway it tracks very good and for a board that is that much comfy in the chop it has a pretty good upwind ability.

Cant go wrong.

PS: I also added the 3DO pads from mystic. Not sure if it is a gimmick but they absorb high impact very good.

I ride the 131 X 40 and I would not go back to the caliber. I also had a Trax wcich was great but still I prefer my Nobile.

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Re: which freeride board for weak knees / antivibration?

Postby henningsurf » Tue Feb 14, 2012 12:13 am

As some people described, the angle between your feet can cause lots of tension in your knees.

That's why the Rotating Straps were improved for the use on TT boards. Customer asked for better pads, than the previous 1/2 inch model to glue on deck.
The basic model is similar to the directional version, but the TT version works with sliding heel pads.

Get more info at : watch a video and read the News article.
TT pads released.jpg
Have fun

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Re: which freeride board for weak knees / antivibration?

Postby doubleoverhead » Wed Mar 07, 2012 11:13 pm

"The Joke" by Wainman Hawaii isn't a joke; it's the best board for smoothness and soft landings. There is a flat bubble on the underside of the board between your feet that changes the flow of water and creates this smoothness in your riding. Somehow you can land the craziest off balance moves softly with this board. The days of dropping out of the sky and landing so hard that you feel like your knees are going to explode are over. Give your old board away or sell it to somebody in need because you won't want to ride it again.
I usually ride a 127cm board and was surprised to find I can throw around the 134 joke without any problems.
By the way, I weigh 160lbs and have been kiting the winds in Maui for 10 years.

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