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Epic Renegade and Scream and New Chicken Loop 3G

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Epic Renegade and Scream and New Chicken Loop 3G

Postby tropicalkite » Mon Jun 18, 2012 6:08 pm

Hey Everyone 8)

(I posted this under the 3G Chicken Loop Thread as well).

I am brand new to this forum and haven't spent much time here but I spend a ton of time on the water. I have lived down in Anguilla for the last 8 years and have sessioned with every kite that I know exists.

I personally fly Cabrinha and have been flying them for 5 years. Absolutely love the kites and the quality.

I went on a trip up to Hatteras last week and had a session with Dimitri on the Atlantic in 30 knots with the new 3G Chicken Loop system. I flew his 9M Renegade with the new chicken loop and have to say I was impressed.

I was driving north up to Nags Head on Friday and it was blowing like crazy and the surf was double overhead. I tend to get a little nervous in big conditions when I am flying gear that I am not used to. Dimitri said that I had to try his 9M Renegade with the new bar so I agreed to leave my Cabrinha Drifter in the truck. Dimitri didn't give me any other options :wink:

Long story short is this.....

I was extremely impressed by the Epic Renegades performance, stability, de-power and quick turning ability. We all know that down looping the kite in big winds can yank you right off your board... In this case the Renegade swung through the window and de-powered nicely when needed.

The Chicken Loop was comfortable and safe, and I believe will have a huge impact with Epic's customer satisfaction.

I haven't switched brands yet but am considering doing so in the near term as the construction of Dimitri's stuff just seems to be getting better and better.

I also had the opportunity to rip up some freestyle with Dimitri a day later on some flat water. I flew the 10M Screamer and the 12M Screamer. I personally love to be overpowered and get as much air as possible and then throw down some huge mega loops. The 12M Screamer was my freestyle kite of preference but I'm sure the 10M would soon become my favorite if the winds picked up to the 25 to 30knot range ;-)

Here are some pics....

Side Note:

I am always concerned about posting in forums as people may look at me as someone who is Dimitri's buddy giving props to help build his business but the bottom line is this..... I am not paid by Dimitri, I do not currently ride Epic kites.... I'm just a dude that was impressed with a surf session while riding some Epic gear.

Keep pushing Dimitri and thanks again for an awesome 20 mile down winder :thumb:

DSC_0172 7.jpg
DSC_0166 5.jpg
DSC_0036 2.jpg
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