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2012 15m ozone edge review

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2012 15m ozone edge review

Postby coleman » Thu Feb 07, 2013 11:02 pm

I have been flying edges now for the last year. i have a 2012 9m and a 2010 11m. i decided to sell my zephyr and get a 15m edge as i had a feeling it would mate better with my freerace board and from the feedback it didnt seem like i would be giving up anything on the bottom end.

So far i prefer the edge over the zephyr by a long shot, and i know a part of that is the way i prefer to ride. I like to go fast and boost primarily. I am not into wakestyle tricks so the edge works far better for this.

This kite is like all the other edges in that the faster you go the faster the kites flies and so on and so on. The board speed i can reach in 10-15knts of wind is fantastic. Once above 15knts the boosting of the kite is great. By far easier to achieve big jumps than the zephyr though i think the zephyr can match it. It just doesnt seem to require any technique to get really nice air on the edge whereas the zephyr requires more precise handling.

The bar pressure is very light and i can ride for several hours without my elbows screaming at me for days on end. The zephyr definitely would wear me out even though it has fairly light bar pressure.

when at the bottom of the windrange the 15m edge does not hold power during a transition well at all. definitely the zephyr has it beat in that department. however, once there is 14-15kts it is possible to come screaming into a powered transition and exit with lots of speed. This is one of the traits of the edge that i have come to love. The ability to pull in on the bar and feel the acceleration out of a powered carve is great. Definitely the 9m edge is special when it comes to that.

As far as my windrange goes, I was out at one of our lake with gusts to 20 knts and it felt like it was still in its sweet spot. Huge floaty air.
Then, the wind dropped to probably 8-12 and i got on my sector and cruised around for a while still flying upwind. I weigh 155lbs

Most lightwind kites will perform well in these winds but the edge is unique in its power delivery. Very smooth delivery of power with a turbo boost feeling when the gusts come in. It feels light and lively in the sky for a big kite.

I was looking for better board speeds in light breezes and this thing really delivers. I think is a great combination of low end performance in speed and jumping and lively handling.

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